Prevention is better than cure

Queensland is the most obese state in Australia. My health for life targets people who are at high risk of chronic disease such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Aiming to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, this project aims to change the lives of 10,000 Queenslanders.

Large scale longitudinal evaluation

Teaming up with Queensland Non-Government based health agencies, we are evaluating a $27 million project to reduce chronic diseases. This project spans across geographical areas, includes a range of populations and runs for three years.

To evaluate this project, we adopt a structured evaluation framework employing a mixed method design. Using a wide range of data collection tools and methods will provide us with valuable behaviour insight.

Changing the lives of 10,000 Queenslanders

My Health for Life program recognises one size does not fit all. Healthy living can be obtained through various means. A specific diet or joining the gym might not be ideal for your lifestyle. My Health for Life provides skills for long-lasting health effects. The project focuses on two-way communication and providing the support needed for successful outcomes.

How Social Marketing @ Griffith is contributing

Evaluating a 3-year-program

that aims to reduce people's risk of developing chronic diseases

Monitoring 10,000 Queenslanders

in their journey towards a healthier life

Working with many stakeholders

including government and not-for-profit organisations

Boosting improvement and innovation

by providing a continuous iterative feedback loop through evaluation insights

Evidence suggests that for every $1 invested in proven community-based disease prevention programs, the return on investment over and above the cost of the program would be $5.60 within five years (Trust for America’s Health, 2015).

Large scale, longitudinal, behaviour change evaluations

with a range of stakeholders across a broad geographic area. We do it all.