Combatting human trafficking through community empowerment

Meet one of our Research Fellows, Dr Abi Badejo. Abi’s PhD focussed on understanding human trafficking. During her PhD, Abi spent two months in her home country Nigeria to gain a deep understanding of human trafficking. Abi gained insights into the societal and socioeconomic factors driving human trafficking.  Key insights gained during her PhD are that women need economic alternatives.

Grace + Grit Social Enterprise

Abi sought to put her research to good use. The outcome of Abi’s PhD at Social Marketing @ Griffith is a Social Enterprise called Grace + Grit. Grace + Grit was founded to empower human trafficking survivors and other vulnerable individuals.

Grace + Grit initiatives

Small business incubators

Grace + Grit small business incubators are a modern take on the traditional microcredit scheme. Grace + Grit provide human trafficking survivors and other vulnerable individuals with access to legitimate training and employment opportunities worldwide.

Capacity building scholarships

Grace + Grit are partnering with the international development sector to offer scholarships to eligible individuals from communities where women are most vulnerable to human trafficking. The aim is to support young women at risk of trafficking to undertake vocational skills training or tertiary studies in a developed country.

Grace + Grit personnel

Grace + Grit partner with the local private sector to provide skills training for human trafficking survivors and other vulnerable individuals. A key focus is ensuring that skills meet the requirements of the local job market.

Stargirl Family Foundation

Grace + Grit have established the Stargirl Family Foundation, which aims to help lower children's vulnerability to forced labour, child fostering, and child trafficking offering much-needed support to keep children in school, and with their families.

Their vision

Grace + Grit’s vision is to disrupt the human trafficking industry by empowering one million vulnerable individuals.  Delivering much-needed support to create legitimate (self)employment opportunities can empower women and children.

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