Behaviour Change for Conservation

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Behaviour Change for Conservation is an open-access online course that we developed in partnership with TRAFFIC.

This course is for behavioural change practitioners, social marketers, communicators, and anyone else looking to develop or implement a behavioural change intervention for conservation gain.

The course includes 54 lessons delivered across 5 modules

Outline and overview of opportunities for SBCC To Reduce Demand for Illegal Wildlife Products

Designing Messaging for Impact: Framing, Priming and Timing

Choosing the right messenger

Identifying mechanisms for impact: behavioural theories, models, and frameworks for change

Insight to inform approaches, research to guide adaptive management, impact measurement

Course features

Behaviour Change for Conservation features succinct summaries of some of the core concepts in behavioural science, as well as short videos, interviews with professionals, quick quizzes and other interactive elements.

Built in video player with many videos for users to watch

Knowledge checks throughout the course provide tailored feedback

Polls that provide insight into the answer they have chosen

Variety of question types and knowledge checks that keeps users engaged

This free resource was developed by Social Marketing @ Griffith on behalf of TRAFFIC. Since its launch on World Wildlife Day on the 3rd March 2020, the course has been globally distributed to 5,000 wildlife sector managers, executives, leaders, and students through direct contact and re-share. These behaviour change practitioners across the sector have enthusiastically welcomed and utilised the course.

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