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We work in partnership with stakeholders and communities to deliver lasting impact. Our outcomes focussed approach has changed the way more than 5,500 teenagers think about alcohol. Our work has resulted in more than 15,000 military personnel and thousands of Finnish kids making healthier food choices. We’ve reduced food waste in 43% of households reached and 40% fewer koalas died from dog attacks in the period we implemented Leave It.

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koala aversion training during dogfest

Leave It

Reducing koala and dog interactions

Leave It was build using the CBE process and successfully reduced koala and dog interactions in Redland City Council. We co-created the program with dog owners engaging and delivered changes in the targeted behaviour (wildlife aversion).

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Five A Day (in Finnish) research project

Viisi Per Päivä

Social marketing applied in Finland

The Viisi Per Päivä aimed to get Finnish children to eat more fruit and vegetables (F&V) every day. We developed a 3-month-program to get children excited about tasting, eating and cooking different fruit and vegetables.

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Changing the way Australia recycles fashion

After a deep learning phase O-it was created to increase the quality and to maintain the quantity of goods donated to Australian charities. O-it aims to help facilitate a new movement promoting circular fashion, making donated goods fashionable, attractive and desirable.

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Two girls experiencing VR goggles during alcohol education program

Blurred Minds

Gamification of alcohol education

Blurred Minds is a one-day alcohol and drug education program for Australian secondary schools. Informed by theory, the program changes the way students think about alcohol and drugs.

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Behaviour Change for Conservation

Open-access Online Course

Behaviour Change for Conservation is an open-access online course that we developed in partnership with Traffic. This course is for behavioural change practitioners, social marketers, communicators, and anyone else looking to develop or implement a behavioural change intervention for conservation gain.

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Altering food environment changes food consumption

Go Food

Alter food environment. Change food consumption

‘Go Food’ altered the military dining environment to make healthy food prominent and convenient. ‘Go Food’ was effective because the communications were focused on things that mattered to the people dining there.

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Waste Not Want Not Food Waste Program

Waste Not Want Not

Tackling the food waste problem

Food waste can be reduced at many different levels—government, industry and consumer levels—and in many different ways. One way is social marketing where the benefits of reducing waste can be sold to households.

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Girl in school in Nigeria

Grace + Grit

Combatting human trafficking in Nigeria

During her two months in Nigeria, Dr Abi Badejo gained insights into the societal and socioeconomic factors driving human trafficking. She found that women need economic alternatives. Based on this insight, she founded Grace + Grit Social Enterprise: the initiative to end human trafficking.

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My Health for Life

My Health for Life

Changing the lives of 10,000 Queenslanders

We have teamed up with Queensland-based non-Government health agencies to evaluate a $27 million project to wage a "war on chronic disease". This project aims to complete 10,000 Queenslanders in a lifestyle behaviour change program.

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Engaging youngsters with augmented reality?

Social Marketing @ Griffith partners with Activate Entertainment to assess the effectiveness of R.E.M.I (Robotic Empathy Machine Intelligence). With technology education, R.E.M.I attempts to teach empathy to young people. The narrative of R.E.M.I is told through an interactive comic book with moral choices to select throughout each chapter.

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