Master your digital marketing efforts.

The 5-step digital marketing process follows the essentials of marketing theory, combined with a practical approach to mastering your digital marketing efforts. The process model can be applied to business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), and government-to-customer (G2C) settings. Whether you work in a small or large organisation, this 5-step process teaches you a stepwise approach to acing your digital marketing.

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Photo of Timo Dietrich

Director Engagement

Dr Timo Dietrich

Engagement architect

Timo engages in team-based multidisciplinary research that has real-world impact. His mission is to drive change for the better using social marketing, digital marketing and gamification.


Marketing Officer & Research Assistant

Yannick van Hierden

Pragmatic digital marketing strategist

Experienced in branding and digital marketing, Yannick is expanding our marketing efforts on both digital and traditional platforms. His mission is to reinforce and bring together social groups so that they can uplift their community with a joint effort.