Empower, enable, enact.

Delivering change for the better

Empower, enable, enact.

Change 2020 is brought to you by Social Marketing @ Griffith and is for people focused on achieving measurable change. Change delegates believe in work that benefits our people and our planet.

A line up of 20 speakers (some still to be announced!) from Australia and around the world will share their change stories in TED-style talks that keep you at the edge of your seat. In workshops, you will think, reflect and apply the lessons learned to gain new skills and knowledge.




Empowering communities is key to delivering lasting change. Co-creation ensures that policies, programs, processes, systems, products and services are focused on giving people what they want, when they need it to support them to behave in ways that benefit their health and well being, while also benefiting society and the environment.

Funding structures, policies, processes, programs, products and services are built after consultation with community and stakeholders. Ensuring we have supportive environments that can help people is a crucial component needed to deliver sustained change over time.

Your work practices must be optimised and you must be prepared to work with new people in new ways to change. Change does not happen unless all parties value the change and lasting partnerships and new ways of thinking are needed to support lasting change.  To enact change we need to generate awareness, trial, and repeated behaviours that benefit both the individuals’ health and social wellbeing and other people and the planet.


Maria Raciti

Adjunct Follower


Yasmin Grigaliunas

CEO & Co-founder

World's Biggest Garage Sale

Christine Domegan


NUI Galway

Further Keynote Announcements Coming Soon

Who should attend Change 2020?


(Local, State, Federal)

& Academia

Commercial Industry,

Social Enterprise &

Social Business


Non-profit &

NGO Charities

What can I expect at Change 2020?


Keynote presentations by the world’s brightest thinkers and game changers.


Guided networking opportunities to link with interesting people in your field.

Ground-breaking ideas

Become inspired by innovative ideas from leading change agents.

Change experts

Learn how to get change from experience world leading experts.

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