Terms and conditions

BusinessPLUS Sponsorship and Financial Assistance Scheme

1. Rationale

Griffith Business School is committed to delivering a remarkable student learning experience, that maximises our students’ employability, their readiness for, and transition to, the changing world of work. Our remarkable staff, our alumni and partnerships with industry, create invaluable learning opportunities aligned to our values of excellence, responsible leadership, sustainable business practices, respect for others and a global orientation. We actively encourage our students to participate in, and take advantage of these and a range of other enrichment activities that support academic, professional and personal growth, whilst also demonstrating their commitment to the wider communities we serve.

We are conscious that our students will occasionally require financial assistance to support their participation in enrichment activities at the local, national or international level. Sponsorship / financial assistance may be required to fund conference registration fees, travel expenses such as airfares, transfers and accommodation costs, or other miscellaneous expenses.

The School recognises this need and commits to providing appropriate support for the benefit of our students, subject to available budget.

2. Aim

Our commitment to providing a remarkable student learning experience includes encouraging Griffith Business School students to have an impact on, and contribute to our communities, and to do so in ways that create a prosperous, equitable and sustainable future.

Our BusinessPLUS Student sponsorship and financial assistance scheme supports Griffith Business School students to participate in a range of extra curricular, enrichment activities which enhance their personal and professional development, contribute to positive graduate outcomes, and make a positive difference in the communities they influence.

3. Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for sponsorship/financial assistance a student must:

Be a currently enrolled Griffith Business School student, undertaking a program hosted by the School.  (In the event the student is enrolled in a double degree / combined degree hosted by another element, eligibility will be at the discretion of the Selection Panel and subject to budget constraints.)

In addition, applicants must provide a personal statement which:

  1. Demonstrates how their participation in the proposed activity will enhance / support their learning, their personal and professional development, and is relevant to their studies.
  2. Demonstrates how participation in the activity aligns with, and will support their career aspirations and contributes to Griffith Business School’s community.
  3. Addresses how the activity aligns with the School’s Vision, Mission and Values.

The scheme is primarily designed to provide financial assistance and support to students who are not eligible for funding through other sources.

4. Selection process

A small selection panel will consider applications for sponsorship. Applications will be assessed against the eligibility criteria.

Should the requests for sponsorship/financial assistance exceed the funds available, Griffith Business School reserves the right to exercise discretion.  In this case a selection process will take place and priority will be given to students hosted in programs offered by Griffith Business School, and those students who have not previously applied for and been granted funding.

NOTE: Normally two “sponsorship” rounds will be conducted each calendar year.  Applications will be accepted if submitted by 28 February and 30 June respectively.

5. Griffith Business School contacts for more information

NameMain campusPhoneEmail
Jo Fairclough – Student Development CoordinatorNathan N63_0.16
 Gold Coast G42_4.10
3735 6558j.fairclough@griffith.edu.au
Jessica Yuen– Senior Executive OfficerNathan N63_0.16
 Gold Coast G42_5.10
3735 5192j.yuengriffith.edu.au

6. Sponsorship value

The amount of sponsorship/financial assistance provided will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and may be up to the value of $2,500. A maximum annual allocation of $2,500 may be available to an individual, eligible applicant. No subsequent financial assistance will be available.

7. Activity review

The sponsored student must submit an activity review for the sponsored activity within four weeks of completion. The review should take the form of a reflective piece, which may be in the form of a short video testimonial (one-minute minimum in duration), or a short reflective essay. The intent of this piece is to demonstrate the learning outcome(s) gained through participation. If submitted in writing, the reflection must be accompanied by some photos of the activity.

It should be accompanied by a fully acquitted summary of what the funds were used for, and any other relevant information (i.e., speakers, feedback from attendees, etc.).

The sponsored student must also agree to be interviewed for the purposes of providing a testimonial for use for promotional purposes, and this may include participating in a photo shoot arranged by the Office of Marketing and Communications, Griffith University.

8. Sponsorship termination

Griffith Business School reserves the right to cancel the sponsorship / financial assistance if the student fails to comply with the criteria set out in this document and/or the Student Code of Conduct.