Griffith Business School is committed to delivering a remarkable student learning experience, that maximises your employability, readiness for, and transition to, the changing world of work. We actively encourage you to participate in, and take advantage of these and a range of other enrichment activities that support academic, professional and personal growth, whilst also demonstrating your commitment to the wider communities. We are conscious that you will occasionally require financial assistance to support your participation in enrichment activities at the local, national or international level. Sponsorship/financial assistance may be required to fund conference registration fees, travel expenses such as airfares, transfers and accommodation costs, or other miscellaneous expenses.

We are pleased to refer you to to range of Griffith funding schemes:

BusinessPLUS Sponsorship Scheme

The BusinessPLUS Student sponsorship and financial assistance scheme supports Griffith Business School students to participate in a range of extra curricula, enrichment activities which enhance their personal and professional development, contribute to positive graduate outcomes, and make a positive difference in the communities they influence.

Please read the full terms and conditions before applying.

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Griffith University aims to provide one grant (scholarship) to each student on an approved overseas program. The grant can be used for co-curricula or curricular experiences. Grant values vary from $250 to $8,000 depending on the program type, location and credit point value. Students can also apply for an OS-Help loan to the value of $6,791 (studies outside Asia) or $8,149 (studies in Asia).

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