What if we could...

use data from multiple sources to detect and prevent problems in our cities and regions before they happen? What if we could analyze different kinds of trusted data to inform any policy development?

The Regional Innovation Data Lab's data-rich environment provides new opportunities to fast-track innovative solutions that address long-standing urban and regional problems by using “place”, rather than discipline or agency, as the data linking framework. With the right data ecosystem RIDL can improve our understanding of these problems, which will in turn improve policy making, service delivery, and effective business and regional development.

About us

The Regional Innovation Data Lab Program Board provides advice and recommendations to the Program Sponsor, the Pro vice Chancellor and Head of Logan Campus, on the development of the Data Lab. The Board will:

  • provide expert advice and stakeholder insights on the development of the Lab
  • develop a strategic plan, business plan and business model for the Lab, working in concert with the Program Director
  • monitor progress and receive updates from the Program Director against the business plan
  • assist with identification of opportunities, resolution of issues and mitigation of risks
  • use influence and authority to assist the project in achieving its deliverables
  • communicate about the project in their respective networks and organizations, and
  • promote the Lab’s successes and benefits within the wider community.

The inaugural Chair will be Mr. Rob Cook, who was Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) from 2010 to 2017. Rob has made a significant contribution over the past 40 years to the development of the research services and infrastructure ecosystem within Australia and, more particularly, Queensland.

Key representatives from government, research, industry and community are currently being invited to join the Board.


Dr. Tom Nik Verhelst

Dr Tom Verhelst is the Program Director, Regional Innovation Data Lab at Griffith University, Logan Campus.Tom comes to us from Belgium with a strong university and industry R&D experience in applying novel platform technologies towards scientific advancement to generate beneficial socioeconomic impacts. Tom has experience in the fields of digital platform technologies, wearables, data science, virtual & augmented reality.

Tom is driven to make a positive change in the world and hopes to achieve this by bringing people and technology together for the better. As Program Director of the Regional Innovation Data Lab he hopes to improve the lives of people in Logan, Queensland and Australia. Our place based initiative will focus on using different trusted data sources to create insight into real world challenges and inform policy development. We want to detect and prevent problems in our cities and regions before they happen. By working with the community and student the lab strives to empower a whole generation of regional data entrepreneurs.

Working together | Leading the way

Griffith University is deeply engaged with all levels of government, the not-for-profit, private sectors and the community, working together for mutual benefit.

This partnership creates an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of regional innovation through data, leveraging our respective strengths and our strong partnerships to be a national and international leader in harnessing data to build innovative, dynamic, regions of the future.

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