A gateway for collaborative governance

Established in May 2016, the Policy Innovation Hub promotes and facilitates close collaboration between Griffith University researchers, students and partners in industry, government and the community. The PIH also aims to  foster sustainable and enduring knowledge partnerships that create value for the residents and communities of Queensland, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

The Hub is a gateway for collaborative governance, supporting responsive policy-making and service delivery by ensuring that the best available knowledge and expertise is applied to the challenges facing the state today and into the future. The PIH is guided by an Advisory Board consisting of University independent representatives.


The Hub brings together Griffith's researchers in cross-disciplinary project teams to build on research insights and provide evidence-based responses to key policy challenges.

We undertake consultancies, offer facilitation to explore complex problems and convene policy workshops to showcase emerging issues or to tackle the public policy challenges of our time.

We are currently collaborating with the following organisations and government departments:

  • Community Services Industry Alliance
  • Queensland Health
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Queensland State Archives

We focus on delivering innovation and excellence across five streams:

  • Reforming community services
  • Promoting social cohesion and countering violent extremism
  • Climate change and disaster resilience
  • Transitioning to the new economy
  • Good government.

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The Middle Ground stands firmly in the shadow of Samuel Walker Griffith, Minister and Premier of Queensland in the latter years of the 19th century and first Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia.

Griffith was renowned for his capacity to see both sides of an argument and for distrust of extremism of any kind. Celebrating these traditions, A Middle Ground is a forum for the exchange of ideas and reasoned argument.

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Political analysis

With researchers across the university examining policy on election issues across the state, including regional development, tourism, health innovation, social inclusion, Griffith University provided political analysis and debate around the 2017 Queensland state government election.

2017 Queensland State Election analysis

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The Machinery of Government

Independent analysis by Australia’s best political scientists and policy researchers focusing on politics, policy, elections and government.


We have partnered with The Regional Innovation Data Lab, who empower and enable citizens, governments, industries and researchers to use and share data on key trends and issues to increase productivity and innovation across the economy.

RIDL's data-rich environment can provide new opportunities to fast-track innovative solutions that address long-standing urban and regional problems. In turn, it can also provide insights that will improve policy making, service delivery, and inform more effective business and regional development.

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Intern at the Policy Innovation Hub

The Policy Innovation Hub is frequently on the look out for interns to assist with our many projects.  If you are a motivated student keen to gain insights and experience in data analysis, briefings and professional communication.

To express your interest, interested Griffith University students should email us with contact details and a paragraph outlining your skills and experience.


Sarah Binney is an NYC-based freelance journalist with a research interest in the relationship between the news media and politics. She currently works and studies at New York University.

"Working in the Policy Innovation Hub was an incredible development experience for me. I learned about the complex aspects of local, state, and federal government and gained insights into public policy and the public sector.

I will always appreciate this opportunity and know working directly with Australia's best political scientists as part of an innovative, cross-disciplinary team to solve policy challenges hugely influenced the trajectory of my career. 

Learning how the government and higher education can work in tandem to enact successful policy sparked my enduring interest in political science, media, public policy, and education and I plan to further my studies in these areas with a Masters degree at New York University."

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