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Join us each month as we hear from leading academics and industry experts, as they cover a wide range of business topics relevant for 'start up' businesses and small to medium enterprises. Prior to the presentations, attendees have the opportunity for networking with like-minded professionals.

Held at the Griffith University Logan campus, each seminar covers a specific independent topic. It is not essential to attend the entire series, so feel free to attend any topic of your choosing as the year progresses.

Details for the 2020 seminar series coming soon

Previous seminars


This workshop was a deep dive into the world of digital storytelling with Strategic Branding and Digital Marketing professional, Yannick Van Hierden who provide expertise on methods of 'cutting' through the clutter by applying a digital hourglass approach to digital storytelling.


To create meaningful interactions you need to understand how your customers explore, consider and experience your brand. This seminar focused on understand how you can use the digital hourglass to build better and more relevant content across the complex customer journey. Key academic and Digital Architect, Dr Timo Dietrich, provided insights on how the digital marketing hourglass assists with demonstrating success along with a case study provided by Joshua Lewis, Director of Dorks Delivered Managed IT Services.


This seminar kicks off the digital marketing deep dive series over June, July and August and will take you on focused areas to build your digital journey. The instalment focussed on goal setting, getting to know your consumers, and designing your brand presence.The seminar features digital marketing expertise led by Dr Timo Dietrich, Deputy Director (Engagement) at Social Marketing @ Griffith and Graeme Hughes, seasoned Entrepreneur, executive, director of ATOM Branding and lecturer, Griffith Business School.


This workshop explored evolutionary business tools built to help design and innovate evolving and/or established business models. Some of the tools included; thinking methodology in practice and pitching techniques to attract the ideal business network.


This seminar highlighted the importance of and methods to identifying your consumers’ needs and behaviours in shaping the best product/service fit. Key insights included; how to incorporate design thinking techniques to better understand consumers in shaping product/service offerings. Guests heard the knowledge and experiences from key academic, Dr Julienne Seynard, Senior Lecturer Griffith Business Strategy and Innovation and key industry practitioner, Rowan Lamont.


This seminar covered planning and consumer research themes with speakers Dr Ingrid Burkett and Marcia Edwards. Exploring three key areas; revisiting the ways you can create and build value, identifying how a solid value proposition enhances experiences and profitable outcomes and methods of future-proofing your business.

Previous speakers

Dr Ingrid Burkett

Ingrid Burkett is a social designer, designing processes, products and knowledge that deepen social impact and facilitate social innovation. She is passionate about how we can grow social impact, and particularly about how we can develop more effective ways to foster 'the business of social impact'.

Marcia Edwards

Marcia Edwards is Co-Director of The Cryogenics Group, Australia's only Indigenous cryogenics company. Their core business is about ensuring continuing supply of liquid nitrogen and medical gases to IVF clinics, general practitioners, blood banks, hospitals and medical research facilities. In 2018 The Cryogenics Group celebrated 25 years of cryogenic excellence, but the journey has not been without its ups and downs.

Dr Julienne Senyard

Julienne is skilled in analytics, research design, qualitative and quantitative research in entrepreneurship, lecturing, and public speaking, Julienne is an experienced academic with a demonstrated history of working both as an entrepreneur and in the higher education industry. Her work showcases crossovers with social entrepreneurship and social marketing.

Rowan Lamont

Rowan has been referred to as " A design thinker who is good with a spanner”. An Industrial Designer who cut his teeth working for some of Australia’s top manufacturing and design companies. He has developed products for the consumer technology, medical, and FMCG markets. As the Head of Strategy at Designworks Rowan leads businesses through user-centred discovery to identify and implement opportunities that resonate with their customers.

Alex Miloservic & Heather Scott

Alex and Heather own Extraction Artisan Coffee in the City of Logan. They both have extensive business operation and management experience as well as a deep love of community, people and speciality coffee.

Dr Timo Dietrich

Timo is the Deputy Director (Engagement) at Social Marketing @ Griffith and describes himself as an Engagement Architect. He is fascinated by how we can use technology to build solutions that engage people.Timo is a digital and social marketing expert and offers methodological expertise in co-design, segmentation and gamification to build engaging program solutions.

Graeme Hughes

Graeme is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive, board member and lecturer at Griffith University. A founder and investor in over twenty businesses ventures, throughout Australia and business advisor for more than two hundred start up, early stage and mature businesses, globally.

Joshua Lewis

Joshua specialises in helping businesses throughout South East QLD to remove time leaks and poor systems by optimising internal operations through automation, documentation and guidance to meet sales and marketing goals while taking advantage of technology to save time and money.

Yannick van Hierden

Yannick is an experienced strategic branding, positioning and digital marketer, he works from an outside-in approach and treats the customer as the starting point of all marketing activities. Yannick's work with Social Marketing @ Griffith is driving marketing efforts to infinity and beyond, including a redesign of the centre's website (launched early 2018), a content strategy to meet client's information needs and the delivery of the new Digital

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