By Dr Caroline Riot and Dr Susan Ressia

This report is an original piece by the authors and presented by Griffith Business School.

What does ‘future-ready’ mean for businesses in an environment that has been drastically and rapidly changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? Displaced workforces have left city offices empty, and there is a climate of uncertainty and ambiguity around the path the economy might take out of the crisis. Visible reductions in employee numbers, redeployment into different job roles or tasks, redistributed work hours, shifts in work settings and locations, and the undercutting of job security for a majority of workers have all had an immediate and widespread impact. This has played out against the backdrop of a range of global grand challenges and wicked problems.

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About the Authors

Dr Caroline Riot

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management

Caroline is an experienced and passionate educator in career development and employability, and a strong advocate for business student experiential learning and international experiences in tourism and sport management. She is an engaging and pro-active leader of partnership development and engagement across universities, industry, and government. She is a highly engaged researcher in high performance sport, elite athlete development, and women’s well-being through sport and physical activity; having published over 15 peer reviewed book chapters and articles in highly ranked journals and project led funded research grants.

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Dr Susan Ressia

Lecturer in the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources

Susan’s current research interests include a focus on graduate employability and examining the effects and impact of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Susan is co-author of Employment Relations: An Integrated Approach (2nd Edition) and Work in the 21st Century: How do I Log on?. She has published in Gender, Work and Organization and the Asia-Pacific Journal of Human Resources. Prior to her academic career, Susan worked in a range of industries, both in Australia and internationally, including finance and banking, education, information technology, and community services.

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