By Professor Ruth McPhail

This report is an original piece by the author and presented by Griffith Business School.

In the first quarter of 2020, societies and businesses around the world underwent significant and rapid change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As workplaces were forced to close, office employees en masse were sent home to work. This unintended experiment has resulted what might be one of the greatest revolutions of our time in the way we work. It is having significant impacts on individual employees, on workplace productivity, and on the planet. As with all rapid and disruptive changes, numerous opportunities, barriers and challenges have become apparent and will continue to emerge. The Workplaces after COVID-19 Report presents a review of early analysis and commentary regarding how the world of work has responded to COVID-19.

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About the Author

Professor Ruth McPhail

Head of the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources

Ruth is on the Board of ANZAM and is Standards Australia’s representative to ISO on the development of a standard for Diversity and Inclusion. She has wide experience in management consulting, human resource management and leadership, having trained management teams in Australia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, the USA and India. Ruth was previously a high school educator before becoming a Director of Human Resources in industry before joining Griffith University. Her research interests include international human resource management, LGBT expatriates, LGBTI elders and aged care, student success, educating adults and first year preparation and transition. Ruth holds a PhD from Griffith University and a Master and Bachelor of Education from the University of South Australia.

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