Inspiring and investing in the next generation of business leaders

Thousands of students across the Griffith community have benefited from the philanthropy of alumni, staff, friends and business partners. During their time studying with the Griffith Business School, many of our alumni were themselves recipients of scholarships, grants, bursaries, awards or prizes.

Support can come in many forms:

  • Financial scholarships or awards
  • Research funding to transform lives or businesses
  • Internships placing our students with alumni, friends and business partners who are experts in their field
  • Opportunities for alumni, friends and business partners to volunteer their time to work with our students, giving them professional insights through lectures, tutorials and mentoring.


Donors who give a gift of $500 or more will also be acknowledged on a spectacular feature wall in the Griffith Business School Gold Coast building. The wall features the names of donors on individual recognition plaques.

Your plaque can include your degree and year of graduation as an historical marker of your time at Griffith University.

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Scholarships foster the next generation of leaders in their fields, encouraging students to aim high and excel in their studies, research and thinking.

There are several ways a donor can elect to establish a scholarship:

  • Create and name the scholarship as a legacy
  • Support a specific cause, for example, academic excellence
  • Create and name it after a loved one equity; First Peoples; rural; and first in family
  • Designate a scholarship by department or program
  • Elect to support an existing scholarship.

Enrich the student experience

Volunteer your time

By offering your time as a speaker, you can share your experience and support the leaders of tomorrow.

We can also communicate opportunities at your company or community organisation for students to volunteer their time, thus building their professional experience.

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Work Integrated Learning and Internships

Connecting students and industry through degree-related work experience. Student interns use their knowledge and skills to help with a range of projects, including market research, online marketing, HR policy, event management, finance and economic analysis.

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Become a mentor

For over twenty years the award-winning Industry Mentoring Program has connected Griffith students with industry professionals based in Southeast Queensland and beyond! We support hundreds of mentoring relationships throughout the year.

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This new online portal connects students with alumni and industry experts to provide them with the advice, tools and connections to enter their chosen career with confidence.

This program is low burden and completely online, allowing interstate and international alumni, friends and business partners to take part. The benefits maximise students’ employability.

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Graduate placements

As students return to Grffith after their summer break, many companies are gearing up for graduate recruitment in March and April.

We offer you several ways to promote your graduate and vacation programs to our students.

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