1. The GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 program consists of three workshops. The student is required to attend a minimum of two workshops, plus an online employability module to be eligible to graduate from the program unless prior approval has been granted from the Program Director or the Schools Engagement Manager—Business. This program does not offer credit towards a university degree.
  2. It is expected that students will participate in group activities, oral communication activities, and open class discussions requiring sharing of information and knowledge.
  3. To be eligible to apply the student must be enrolled in year 12. They must have a keen interest in business as a subject or as a future career,  and be achieving a 4 sound achievement (SA) in English or English for ESL Learners at the time of application. Students must be intending to complete the requirements of Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or High School Certificate (HSC) or completing International Baccalaureate Studies (IB) Certificate of Diploma.
  4. The school can nominate a maximum of 20 students per school until the closing date of applications, after which Griffith Business School has the opportunity to open additional places for schools wanting to nominate more students. Opening additional places is at the discretion of Griffith University and is subject to availability on each campus.
  5. Griffith University is committed to providing a safe work and study environment. However, all students, staff and visitors have an obligation to ensure the safety of themselves and those whose safety may be affected by their actions. Staff in control of learning activities will ensure as far as reasonably practical, that those activities are safe and that all safety obligations are being met. Students are required to comply with all safety instructions and are requested to report safety concerns to the University.
  6. All users of Griffith University Information Technology (IT) resources regardless of your relationship with the University and irrespective of whether those resources are accessed on or off-campus are required to comply with the Griffith University Information Technology Code of Practice.
  7. It is the responsibility of the school for students to find their own means of transport to and from the University. In the event a student is required to depart from campus early, they are to advise their teacher or the Schools Engagement Manager prior to departure.
  8. At times photos and videos may be taken for marketing and promotional purposes only. Students who do not want their image to be used should contact the Schools Engagement Manager—Business on (07) 5552 8338 or email gbs-undergraduate@griffith.edu.au.
  9. The student mentioned in this application may be asked to sign an informed consent form at various workshops, so their views (which will remain anonymous) can be used in a research project exploring the impact of this program. By signing this application form, you permit this student to sign the Research Consent form on their own behalf. A copy of the consent form and information on the research being undertaken can be obtained by contacting the Schools Engagement Manager—Business, on (07) 5552 8338 or email gbs-undergrad@griffith.edu.au.
  10. If you do not wish the student to participate with the promotional activities and/or research, as mentioned in points 8 and 9 above, please contact the Schools Engagement Manager—Business on (07) 5552 8338.
Protecting student privacy

Griffith University collects, stores and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering student and prospective student admissions, enrolment and education. The information collected is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal or other regulatory authority requirements.

For further information, consult the University’s Privacy Plan.