Providing students with a greater understanding of the business world

The GriffithBUSINESS Ambassadors Program offers students their first real look at university life, whilst providing them with a greater understanding of social innovation and social enterprise through working with academic staff from Griffith University.

Program details

The program provides up to 10 exceptional students from each school, who have an interest in business as a career, the opportunity to become a Business Ambassador for their school. A number of workshops and activities, designed to develop students’ knowledge and introduce them to the university environment, are offered throughout the program. Nominated students may vary from workshop to workshop, with attendance based upon interest in each topic.

A Griffith lecturer hosts the day conducting a presentation on the topic. Following the presentation students complete an interactive activity, working with students from other schools to generate a response to the task. Students are also provided with information on degrees offered by Griffith that align with the topic, as well as additional information related to tertiary study options.

The program aims to develop social entrepreneurship, innovative skills and knowledge through connecting secondary schools with Griffith University. The Ambassadors Program provides a valuable educational setting where learning is relevant and real, working to create partnerships between teachers, academics and students in support of vibrant, connected and resilient communities.

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Program benefits

  • An introduction to university life
  • Partnerships with the wider school community are recognised and valued
  • Official recognition of being a selected Griffith Business School Ambassador
  • Practical, hands-on approach to enterprise education
  • Valuable Griffith graduate skills including working in teams, problem solving, effective communication (oral, written and interpersonal) and critical evaluation
  • Development of generic skills which are imperative to the 21st Century workplace including team building skills, conflict management, negotiation skills, and ethical behaviour
  • Increased confidence and initiative
  • New insights into personal directions, interest and talents
  • Opportunity to be involved in a positive learning activity
  • Sense of achievement
  • New social and professional networks
  • Opportunity to be involved in the GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 Program to reduce transition issues between school and tertiary study therefore improving satisfaction and graduate outcomes

Ambassadors Workshop 2

Gold Coast workshop

  • Date: Tuesday 11 June 2019
  • Time: 8.30am–2.30pm

Workshop 2 details

Logan workshop

  • Date: Wednesday 12 June 2019
  • Time: 8.30am–2.30pm

Workshop 2 details

Nathan workshop

  • Date: Thursday 13 June 2019
  • Time: 8.30am–2.30pm

Workshop 2 details

Gold Coast campus

Problem-solving: Accept the challenge

In our lives, we are constantly challenged by problems. Some problems are complex e.g. climate change and poverty, whilst others are less complicated but still challenging to us as individuals and our community. It is important to improve our problem solving as this leads to better decisions and potentially sustainable win/win positions. In this workshop, we will explore problem-solving through engaging with a range of problems. We will use different strategies and open our minds to new ideas as we work on optimising our problem-solving abilities.

Presented by Dr Heather Stewart

Dr Heather Stewart is a Senior Lecturer in our Department of International Business and Asian Studies. Heather is an active committee member of Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprises (GCSE) and has developed a strong presence in the online teaching environment, achieving awards for her teaching excellence.  Heather's research expertise includes corporate social responsibility, business ethics, continuous learning and sustainability.

Logan campus

Getting game fit

You may have heard the phrase “play the hand you’ve been dealt”; a clichéd response to a difficult situation in which you are encouraged to use the resources you have and acknowledge the limitations of your situation. However, those who know success know that to give yourself a stronger hand; you need to change the game. Through this workshop, we will examine the importance of competitive advantage as you consider your future. How will you set yourself apart from the pack as you play the game of life?

Presented by Dr Ryan Gould

Dr Ryan Gould holds a PhD in Strategic Management and has been teaching in the tertiary environment since 2008.  Ryan has held appointments on the Management Committee for the Centre for Industry and Innovation studies as well as the Board of Directors for the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management.  The recipient of two excellence awards in teaching acknowledges Dr Gould's strong commitment to engaging learning.

Nathan Workshop

Delivering change for the better

Our society is faced with many wicked problems – e.g. environmental damage, social inequities and health challenges.  These problems have high costs placing economic and social burdens on our community.  How can we support change?  Social marketing is one way we can help to deliver changes that benefit our communities.  This workshop introduces you to social marketing.  You will gain experience in understanding more about how social marketing can be applied to change people’s behaviours.

Presented by Dr Kathy Knox

Dr Kathy Knox, Research Fellow, Department of Marketing.  As a research psychologist, Kathy has expertise in human development, attitude and health behaviour change. Her research focus is on communities and sustainable behaviours with projects in areas including health education and communication, food waste and more.

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