Progressing the Sustainable Development Goals objectives of Griffith Business School

The centre is charged with the responsibility of progressing the sustainability objectives of Griffith Business School. The Centre also works with other groups to advance the sustainable development goals objectives of Griffith University.

Griffith Business School is guided by the Principles of Responsible Management Education and its recent Blueprint for SDG Integration in Business Schools. The Blueprint explores how business schools can provide a critical lens on both practice and policy for implementing the SDGs to address complex problems facing our times.

Blueprint for SDG integration into curriculum, research and partnerships


The Centre host the GBS Sustainability Committee which is made up of key academic, general staff and two student representatives from Griffith Business School. The committee and its members have played a vital role in promoting sustainable practices in Griffith Business School's operations. The committee has provided guidance on identifying areas for improvement in operations, delivering training and support to staff, and implementing projects that support sustainability agendas.

The committee also provides strategic advice on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals within the Griffith Business School

Staff and students interested in joining the Sustainability Committee should contact Dr Rob Hales at