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Rob Hales

Dr Robert Hales


Rob is the Director of Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. Rob coordinates the Griffith Business School action on: achieving operational sustainability, developing sustainability teaching curriculum, facilitating sustainability research and engagement with business and community.  His current teaching areas are Leadership and Sustainable Business in the Master of Business. Within the Griffith Business School he is located in the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation. He is also a member of the Griffith Institute for Tourism, the Griffith Asia Institute and the Griffith Climate Change Response Program.

Rob's research expertise include: Climate change and business responses, business responses to the Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable tourism, research with First Peoples in tourism and land management, education for sustainability and outdoor recreation.

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Vanessa Taveras Dalmau

Vanessa Taveras Dalmau

Sustainability Officer

Vanessa provides executive support to the Director of the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise in strategic, academic and business planning processes which relate to the development and implementation of Griffith Business School's sustainability plan and resulting activity.

Vanessa has completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science, majoring in Environmental Sustainability. In 2020, she graduated from a Master of Environment with distinction, majoring in Climate Change Adaptation. She is pursuing doctoral studies in sustainable tourism in the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management at Griffith Business School.

Rachel Perkins

Rachel Perkins

Administration and Project Assistant

Rachel supports the Centre with administration and project duties, while completing her PhD within the Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management.

Rachel's research focuses on how small tourism businesses within regional areas of Australia can collaborate and cooperate in order to enhance their output and ensure their sustainability and longevity into the future.

Our members

Associate Professor Ki-Hoon Lee

Associate Professor, Department of Business Strategy and Innovation

Associate Professor Ki-Hoon Lee is an internationally recognised leader in the field of corporate sustainability management. Through his research, Ki-Hoon embraces environmental, social and economic challenges, integrating sustainability into the business value chain to enhance both business and societal value. Ki-Hoon has a strong research focus on corporate sustainability management, in particular strategic management and corporate sustainability, carbon management and business strategy, green and sustainable supply chain management, and sustainability management accounting.

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Dr Tapan Sarker

Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Strategy and Innovation

Tapan has provided training and management consultation to a number of organisations, including the World Bank, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Laos, and the Mongolian Revenue Authority as well as for leading businesses such as Mahindra and Mahindra India Ltd. Tapan is a former World Bank scholar. Tapan is widely published in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainability and climate change. His research expertise includes: business strategy for sustainability; political economy of sustainable development; climate change and growth; CSR and governance; and tax policy and management. Tapan has received a Queensland
Day Award for his work in the community and
received Griffith Business School Teaching Excellence Recognition Scheme (TERS) awards in 2016 and 2017. He is also a recipient of a range of external research grants worth over $2.4 million.

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Dr Moazzem Hossain

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Business Strategy and Innovation

Moazzem Hossain is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation. His research expertise includes climate change issues in the Asia-Pacific, international trade and competition, and investment and economic policy in Asia.

Moazzem is widely published in South Asian economic development, economic reforms, climate change and growth in Asia, and has published ten volumes with several publishers namely Routledge, Edward Elgar, Springer, University Press Limited since 1998. In addition, he published more than fifty articles in refereed journals and as book chapters by publishers based in Germany, USA, UK, Bangladesh and India.

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Professor Nick Barter

Academic Director, Griffith Online

Nick is an academic with a focus on developing frameworks to allow corporate strategists to realise sustainable strategies and expanding online education to as many learners as possible.

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Dr Anna Mortimore

Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Anna’s research expertise includes environmental taxation law, impact of taxation law on energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and transport. Her current teaching areas are in taxation law. Significant recent publications include ‘Managing transport emissions through tradeable permits and regulatory emissions standards: A comparative analysis evaluating Australia’s carbon pollution reduction scheme’ in Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation—International and Comparative Perspectives (Mortimore, 2010).

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Dr Sandra Kensbock

Senior Lecturer, Department of Tourism, Hotel and Sport Management

Sandra’s research expertise is in hospitality employment relations, sustainable tourism, and tourism entrepreneurship.

Jessica Yuen

Executive Officer, Griffith Business School

Jessica’s position as Executive Officer is a key leadership role in the Business Group. She is responsible to the Pro Vice Chancellor and the Group Executive for the provision of leadership, supervision and best practice in the delivery of a range of strategic and operational objectives for the Group. Jessica is also responsible for the marketing, communication, student recruitment, development and engagement on behalf the Group, and collaboratively works with other key staff of the University. She is responsible for developing and maintaining key strategic, collaborative partnerships, both internal and external to the Group and the University as a whole.

Dr Heather Stewart

Lecturer, Department of Business Strategy and Innovation

Heather is a researcher working in qualitative data collection and analysis and has established a publishing profile in high-level corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable business journals. Her focus is on qualitative research of collaboration, continual learning and sustainable management practices in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). This includes CSR and management issues such as application of sustainable management practices.

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Professor Jem Bendell

Senior Research Fellow, Griffith Institute for Tourism

Jem is an Adjunct Professor with the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. He is Professor of Sustainability Leadership, founder of the Institute for Leadership
and Sustainability, and a consultant, researcher and educator on social and organisational change, with 20 years experience in sustainable development. Now specialising in leadership development, sustainable innovation and digital currencies, Jem is recognised as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

Associate Professor Ashlea Troth

Deputy Head, Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources

Ashlea is an Associate Professor in organisational behaviour. Ashlea’s research examines how employees’ workplace emotions, emotional intelligence and emotional regulation impacts on communication and performance outcomes in organisational contexts.

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Dr Deborah Delaney

Senior Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Deborah’s research expertise is in management accounting, investment decision making and sponsorship. She currently teaches the Griffith Business School courses 'Accounting Principles' and 'Financial Accounting'. In 2015, Deborah was chair of the Sustainability Advocacy Network at Griffith University, where she led a group that advocates for work practices for staff and students to ensure sustainable social, environmental and economic outcomes within Griffith Business School.

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Dr Christopher Fleming

MBA Director, Griffith Business School

Christopher’s research focuses on the economic determinants of subjective wellbeing, environmental economics, sustainable management of natural resources and the economics of sustainable tourism. Christopher is a founding member of the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, and was a Senior Advisor for the Ministry for the Environment in New Zealand from 2001 to 2004.

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Dr Alexandra Coghlan

Associate Professor, Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management

Alexandra’s research expertise is in sustainable tourism, volunteer tourism, nature-based tourism and the affective dimensions of tourism. Alexandra has a strong focus on conservation and the social and environmental benefits of tourism. Alexandra has also worked as a consultant on creating new tourism experiences in natural settings. Prior to her career in research, Alexandra worked as a nature-based tour guide for six years.

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Dr Joan Carlini

Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Joan’s research expertise is in the area of corporate social responsibility and the perceptions of employees. During her PhD at Griffith University, Joan investigated the moral responsibility of organisations to contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Her study contributed to the understanding of employee perspective, the internal components of CSR and the relationships to employee outcomes.

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Dr Andreas Chai

Senior Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Dr Andreas Chai specialises his research in innovation and demand, evolutionary economics, tourism economics and behavioural barriers to climate change adaptation. Andreas has previously worked at the Productivity Commission and the Commonwealth Treasury. In 2015, Andreas received the National Climate Change Adaptation Facility Grant—‘Building a business case for coastal adaptation’.

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Dr Marie-Louise Fry

Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Marie-Louise focuses her research in social marketing, advertising, publicy policy and consumer behaviour. Marie-Louise is particularly interested in motivated reasoning for engaging in risky and non-risky behaviours.

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Dr Helen Perkins

Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Helen possesses research expertise in the areas of environmentally and socially sustainable lifestyles
and wellbeing, sustainable tourism, cultural factors, social psychology of sustainability and environmental psychology, sustainable consumption, and consumer behaviour. She currently teaches the Griffith Business School courses 'Green Marketing', 'Social Marketing' and 'Market Research'.

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Dr Giorel Curran

Senior Lecturer, School of Government and International Relations

Giorel Curran joined Griffith Business School after receiving her doctorate with a dissertation in environmental political theory from Griffith University. Her research focuses on environmental politics and policy and the theorising of new social and political movements. She has published widely in these areas. Her most recent book is Sustainability and Energy Politics: Ecological Modernisation and Corporate Social Responsibility (2015).

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Lenka Boorer

Educational Designer, Griffith University

In Lenka’s role as an Educational Designer, she explores and collaborates with like-minded educational professionals by combining education and technology. Lenka’s previous experiences include sales, marketing, health, education and technology, and she has worked as a Blended Learning Advisor at Griffith University and a Lecturer at Southern Cross University, where she integrated the innovative use of technology into the classroom.

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Dr Reza Monem

Professor, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Dr Reza Monem is a Professor of Accounting. He
is currently the Discipline Head of Accounting and Deputy Head of the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics. He has been widely published in esteemed academic journals. In 2016, Reza won the Griffith Business School Research Excellence Award (mid-career/senior researcher category). Reza is the Co-Editor of the Accounting Research Journal. His research expertise includes corporate governance, executive compensation, earnings quality and earnings management, corporate social responsibility reporting, and international accounting.

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Dr Anita Love

Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Anita’s research focuses on product placement, entertainment marketing, marketing communications and brand image. She is currently teaching ‘Introduction to Marketing’, ‘Corporate Communications and Public Relations’, ‘Green Marketing’, and ‘Retail Marketing’. Anita is also currently the Primary Program Director for the Bachelor of Business, where she oversees the suite of programs across our campuses.

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Dr Byung-Meong Sin

Senior Lecturer, Department of International Business and Asian Studies

Byung is an expert in the field of Asian business and strategy (corporate governance and sustainability, family firms and business groups, corporate finance, trade and foreign investment) in relation to Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. He has previously held the position of Program Director for Griffith Business School's bachelor degrees in international and Asian business. He is a member of the Griffith Asia Institute and Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, and is Higher Degree Research (HDR) convener for the Department of International Business and Asian Studies.

Professor David Peetz

Professor, Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources

David has worked at Griffith University for 20 years. He has been a consultant for the International Labour Organisation in Thailand, Malaysia and China, and undertaken work for unions, employers and governments of both political persuasions.

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Dr Athula Naranpanawa

Senior Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Athula’s research expertise is in the areas of computable general equilibrium modelling, environmental and resource economics, and development economics.

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