Progressing the sustainability objectives of Griffith Business School

The Centre is charged with the responsibility of progressing the sustainability objectives of GBS. Our team drafted the School’s Sustainability Plan 2016-2020, which details GBS’ sustainability objectives in its operations, learning and teaching, and engagement.


The Centre created the Sustainability Advocacy Network, which is made up of key academic and general staff and has played a vital role in promoting sustainable practices in GBS operations. SAN has provided guidance in identifying areas for improvement in operations, delivering training and support to staff, and implementing projects that support GBS’ sustainability agenda.

In 2018, the SAN has been formalised as a sustainability committee, which provides strategic advice on the sustainability objectives of the GBS and promotes sustainable practices in the School's operations. The committee also provides an avenue for communication of sustainability matters within the Departments of the Griffith Business School.

Staff interested in joining the GBS sustainability committee should contact GBS Sustainability Officer Ms Vanessa Taveras Dalmau on

Sustainability Projects

War on coffee cups

In 2017 the Centre partnered with Closed Loop and their Simply Cups Project to raise awareness of the disposable coffee cup problem. The project aimed to educate Griffith staff and students on the amount of coffee cups that are disposed of and encourage the use of reusable coffee cups.

The centre also partnered with Nepresso to collect used coffee pods and send them to a specialised recycling plant.

Annual report 2017

Read all about the Centre’s latest research, achievements, Learning and Teaching outcomes, community engagement and more in the 2015 – 2017 Report.

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