Let's go beyond business and into a circular economy

The transition to a circular economy requires us to transform the way we create products, services, and systems, and is dependent on how we learn and apply those learnings in the real world, as individuals, teams, and organisations.

This course allows participants to understand the foundational knowledge of circular economy (CE), global trends in CE, local policy and legislation that facilitates CE and importantly the mind shift and communication skills required to facilitate the transformation of the economy from linear to circular.

Key Learning Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge of circular economy principles and business models acknowledging the foundational theories (cradle to cradle, biomimicry, performance economy and indigenous know-how and values… and more).

Demonstrate knowledge of the public policy context in which circular economy is embedded.

Demonstrate and understand the environmental, social and economic value in a circular economy and the means to which the value can cascade and be shared.

Evidence the ability to practice systems thinking coupled with circular economy principles (circular systems thinking) to identify opportunities to create transformative change towards circularity.

Articulate the mind shift from a linear view of the world to one that is circular. Think, design and do with the end in mind.

Articulate a personal leadership approach that you will use to facilitate more circularity in the complex world in which you have influence.

More information

Where: South Bank Campus, Brisbane

When: Sept 9th -11th and Dec 4th - 6th (to be confirmed)

Cost: $1700

Accreditation: Potential masters micro-credential option available (10 credit points) for an extra day of course contact. Details and cost to be confirmed.

Course facilitators: Ashleigh and Jaine Morris, Dr Rob Hales

Guest Presenters: Ken Webster, Former head of innovation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

For more information, please contact hello@coreo.com.au.

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