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The Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise is a strategic research centre, which oversees the development of research, teaching and engagement activities within Griffith Business School. We also assists with implementing the sustainability strategy and operations of Griffith Business School.

Previously, the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise was initially called the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. The new centre continues this work but it is now also charged with implementing the sustainability operations of Griffith Business School. The Centre has four main areas of interest in which it progresses sustainability. These include research, learning and teaching, community engagement, and operational sustainability.


The Centre’s research spans the broad concepts of sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility. The central theme of our research is promoting a transition to a sustainable enterprise economy.

The Centre actively seeks to engage with a diverse range of researchers, institutions and professionals to deliver innovative and valuable research.


The Centre promotes the Sustainable Enterprise program offered by Griffith Business School.

It also provides support and strategic advice to GBS curriculum development as well as hosting staff development workshops.


A key role of the Centre is to be a lively focal point for discussion and debate around sustainable enterprise. As part of this commitment, the Centre runs and supports numerous events including conferences, seminars, and workshops that promote interactive debate and open discussion on a wide range of sustainability issues.


The Centre is charged with the responsibility for progressing the sustainability objectives of Griffith Business School. In 2015, the Centre set up the Sustainability Advocacy Network, which has played a vital role in promotion sustainable practices in the School’s operations. Today, the Network has been formally constituted as a Sustainability Committee in Griffith Business School. The Committee provides guidance in identifying areas for improvement in operations, delivering training and support to staff, and implementing projects that support the School’s sustainability agenda.

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