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The Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise was setup to inform and assist the development of sustainable enterprise through innovative research, teaching and engagement activities. A highly collaborative entity with strong national and international connections to industry, academia, government and non-government organisations, we take a global perspective while focusing on the Asia Pacific region.

The GCSE also oversees the development of research, teaching and engagement activities within Griffith Business School. The School recognises the challenges that sustainable enterprise faces, but also believes there are opportunities in this area. The GCSE promotes such opportunities for GBS, so our staff and students become leaders and role-models in a more sustainable business world.

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Rob Hales

Dr Robert Hales


Rob is the Director of Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. Rob coordinates the Griffith Business School action on: achieving operational sustainability, developing sustainability teaching curriculum, facilitating sustainability research and engagement with business and community.  His current teaching areas are Leadership and Sustainable Business in the Master of Business. Within the Griffith Business School he is located in the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation. He is also a member of the Griffith Institute for Tourism, the Griffith Asia Institute and the Griffith Climate Change Response Program.

Rob's research expertise include: Climate change and business responses, business responses to the Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable tourism, research with First Peoples in tourism and land management, education for sustainability and outdoor recreation.

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Dr Tapan Sarker

Tapan has provided training and management consultation to a number of organisations, including the World Bank, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Laos, and the Mongolian Revenue Authority as well as for leading businesses such as Mahindra India Ltd.

Tapan is a former World Bank scholar. He is widely published in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainability and climate change and  received a Queensland Day Award for his work in the community and received Griffith Business School Teaching Excellence Recognition Scheme awards in 2016 and 2017. He is also a recipient of a range of external research grants worth over $2.4 million.

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Dr Heather Stewart

Heather is a researcher working in qualitative data collection and analysis and has established a publishing profile in high-level corporate social responsibility and sustainable business journals.

Her focus is on qualitative research of collaboration, continual learning and sustainable management practices in small and medium-sized enterprises. This includes CSR and management issues such as application of sustainable management practices.

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