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Our business and government degrees can prepare you for exciting careers in a wide range of industries and professions. Depending on your degree, you may find opportunities in all levels of government departments or agencies, private enterprise, consultancy, politics, tourism, marketing, management, finance or not-for-profit organisations.

Check out some of our recent graduate stories to see where your degree could take you.

Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of International Business

Griffith Business School alumnus Josh Lumley is all about helping other businesses turn their dreams into a reality with his start-up research and development consultancy prmpt. Josh's passion is working with local start-up businesses that are disrupting traditional industries that have lacked any serious innovation.

Bachelor of Commerce

Nathan Brierley is kicking career goals, having recently been promoted to Senior Economist at the world-renowned Deloitte Access Economics. It’s a position he credits to hard work, dedication and the extracurricular opportunities he had access to while studying with Griffith.

Bachelor of Business

As an economist at the industry leading firm Deloitte Access Economics, Emily Hayward credits her time at Griffith Business School as a major driving force behind her love for environmental economics.

'Griffith opened my eyes up to how economics can be used to create meaningful change in a number of different ways' Emily explains.

Bachelor of Government and International Relations

Government and International Relations graduate Zahar Martin has always had a passion for cars, so when the opportunity arose for him to apply for a graduate role in the automotive industry, he jumped on it, especially since the role would focus on HR.

Zahar says that his time at Griffith played a crucial role in him landing such a prized position.

Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

The knowledge gained while studying international tourism, hotel management and business management at Griffith is now playing its part for Gala Gordon-Burns.

'I am constantly finding I’m applying areas learnt within my degree to everyday situations and challenges.'

Bachelor of Asian Studies

Studying a degree in Asian Studies has reinforced Estelle McCabe's interest and appreciation of Asian business, culture and history and is positioning her strongly to pursue a career in Japan. Her ambition to work as a communications specialist fostering Japanese—Australian relations in the resources sector was also boosted by a New Colombo Plan Scholarship.

'I'm confident that living, learning and working in Japan will improve and develop not only my Japanese language but also my negotiation skills by improving fluency and understanding of the spoken word.'


Our remarkable alumni are making a significant contribution to the world in which we live. From leading multi-national corporations, to building fashion empriers and all that's in-between.

We are pleased to share their stories.

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