98% of our program partners say they would employ their interns

Since 2018, over 174 students have been placed in an internship/ work experience opportunity through our Internship Program in the disciplines of Tourism, Sport, Event, Hotel Management, Real Estate & Property Development and many more.

Find out what our student interns have to say about their experience.


Marketing | Sports Marketing Intern

What was the biggest challenge you faced? The biggest challenge as a full-time student was juggling work, studies along with my internship hours while pursuing my career ambition in the marketing field. However, at the end, this challenge eventually became worth it. I was fortunate enough to attend the final game of the Gold Coast Titan’s season as an intern. Being part of the team and having the exposure to the amazing work that the team do behind the scenes were a great motivation and learning experience for me. I was lucky to be part of the professional team who are making the great contribution to the local community and rugby league.

Were you supported through this challenge? The constant support, mentorship and guidance from my internship supervisors really helped me to keep pushing myself and achieve my internship goal. While their schedules were full, they always made sure that I get the most out of my time with my internship experience.

The Griffith Business School Internship Program is one I highly recommend. Not only are internships invaluable to your future success, but the assistance and help you receive through the School is exceptional. The team made me feel confident to approach businesses, as well as helping me stand out in the application process by mentoring me with my resume and cover letter. With their help, I was able to be successful in my application for the Titans Marketing Intern role which taught me invaluable workplace skills that I will take with me throughout my career.


Sport Management | Event Operation Intern

Why did you choose to complete an internship? Through the internship, I wanted to develop my knowledge and understandings in various roles required to deliver all aspects of operation in such a large scale of event. I was able to achieve this by undertaking a variety of operational roles as including MC/PA announcer role and managing backstage, side stage and on-stage performers.

What was the key learning outcomes through your internship? This opportunity presented an alternative to traditional classroom learning, providing me with an outstanding platform to apply all my theoretical tertiary studies into a more practical setting. I would highly recommend other university students to undertake an internship with the Griffith Business School, as practical, on-hands experiences will assist in generating a more employable individual. The internship was a great career enhancing opportunity for me to develop new skillsets relevant to my chosen industry practice and I was able to develop my strong interpersonal skills in an efficient manner.

What was the highlight of your internship experience? From being the backstage assistant to being the MC in front of large crowds that I would have previously found intimidating, I have opened the door to a number of other possibilities as a more confident, enthusiastic individual. Whilst this chapter comes to an end, I look forward to opening the next one.

With the amazing support of Griffith University, I was fortunate enough to secure a 3 month internship with the Gold Coast Eisteddfods. It was a great opportunity to be involved in the delivery of the 38th Gold Coast Eisteddfods! Thank you to Griffith Business School and the Gold Coast Eisteddfods organisation for providing me with the opportunity to work alongside some of the most amazing and inspiring people


Sport Management | Sport Academy Operation Intern

What have you learned most during your internship? I had the opportunity to do my internship with the amazing team at Barcà Academy Brisbane. I was entrusted with the responsibility to improve and execute operation planning of the programs and given the chance to assist with business development at the Academy. I was thrilled to be receiving guidance and mentorship from such experienced supervisors in the sporting industry. The experience really fine-tuned my operation skills and knowledge, I even gained some additional life values.

What was the highlight of your internship experience? I was the only female in the team but Barcà Academy Brisbane represents gender equality in both workplaces and the academy. Everyone is treated fairly and given equal chance to do what others are able to do. The Academy aims to motivate people to strive to be better holistically.  I also had the opportunity to enter THS Internship Linkedin Photo Competition and was a winner of the competition!


Event Management | Volunteer Coordinator

What did you learn during your internship? Throughout my event internship roles, I learnt to liaise with event contractors, suppliers and a range of different stakeholders who are part of the event. Having exposure to various roles, I was able to develop a holistic view of what needs to be done to ensure successful delivery of an event. I was fortunate to be the part of team at Operation Smile Australia where everyone works together to achieve the common goal. I really admire their culture that is team, people and outcome oriented.

What was your key achievement throughout your internship? As part of my regular internship tasks, I was able to undertake a variety of roles including logistical and operational plans of the event, organising the menu and beverage packages, and sending event invitations. I supported the team in developing a volunteer workforce, recruiting 9 volunteers. I also had the chance to liaise with potential event sponsors and gained a key sponsor who donated their merchandising items to put towards our raffle ticket prizes for the event.


Sport Management | High Performance Program Intern

Why did you choose to complete an internship? I wanted to apply the knowledge I gained from my studies to real-world scenarios and gain practical experience in the high performance sport industry in Australia.

What did you learn during your internship? I had the opportunity to learn various different administrative aspects which contribute to the success of an organisation, as well as logistical and operational management. I was also fortunate to have exposure to the marketing and sales department at the organisation, and on-site event experience.

What was your key learning outcome? I was fortunate to work with two internship supervisors who gave me exposure to high performance management and marketing areas. I was able to broaden my practical knowledge around the whole processes from planning to executing high performance camps. Through my learning activity, I now have a better understanding of what marketers do in sporting organisations and I learnt how to use various software programs which are commonly used in sporting operation and marketing fields. In addition to the technical skills I developed, by liaising with various teams both internally and externally, I definitely developed my professional communication skills.


Sport Management | Junior Rugby Union Coordinator

Why did you choose to complete an internship? Throughout my study I was drawn to information about the impact sport has on girls and women. My knowledge of the sports environment and the positive impact it has on girls lives on and off the field informed my decision to seek an internship with the Brisbane Junior Rugby Union (BJRU) working with them to plan and implement the inaugural Girls 15 a-side rugby tour to the 2019 NSW Junior Rugby Championships in Sydney.

What did you learn during your internship? Off field planning for the tour was at times challenging but the knowledge gained from my study, especially the lectures during the time of my internship by Dr Charmaine Fleming, gave me the confidence to persist in reaching the desired outcome of a successful tour. From planning flights, organising accommodation and transportation, finding sponsorship to the organising of trials and selection of players, to designing uniforms and placing orders weeks before we knew sizing the challenge was always underpinned by the excitement of being part of something historic for Brisbane girl’s rugby. The team at the BJRU were generous in sharing their knowledge and experience gained from planning boy’s tours in the past.

I would recommend an internship to any student undertaking study. The skills and contacts gained are invaluable for future employment.


Hospitality Management | Reception, F&B, Housekeeping, and Guest Services at Sharks and Mantra at Sharks

Why did you choose to complete an internship? I wanted to experience various positions in a hospitality business. As an international student, I wanted to gain work experience in Australian organisation to learn Australian workplace culture, professional attitude and customer service.

What did you learn during your internship? The biggest learning achievement is that I have become confident in English and now have knowledge and experience of various positions.

What was the highlight of your experience? I really enjoyed the working culture at my host organisation. The team and my internship supervisors were very supportive of me and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, this improved my confidence and communication skills. Also having the genuine interaction with guests from all different backgrounds was another highlight of my experience. At the end of my internships, my host organisation kindly organised a farewell afternoon where I was able to say thank to all my internship supervisors for their amazing support, mentorship and guidance.


Tourism Management | Tyler International

What did you learn during your internship? Through my internship with Tyler International, I learned what true teamwork and collaboration looks like. There were many different organisations that play a part in just one tour, so lots of communication and openness to ideas is required to allow for decisions to be made smoothly and ensure the tour to operates well. It was great to be part of the team and be part of the whole process to bring the best service for the students coming to the Gold Coast.