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  • Since 2018, we've placed over 174 students in an internship/ work experience opportunity through our Internship Program.
  • Our department manages 5+ disciplines in the areas of Tourism, Sports and Hotel Management.
  • We generate a great number of talented students and graduates through our program who can contribute to the development of your industry and business.
  • We can help find the right student fit for your business needs.
  • Our students can enhance the capacity of your organisation by offering supportive resources.
  • We have dedicated staff able to provide you with assistance from the initial stages of engagement right through to program completion.


Students learn industry-based standard systems and graduate with the skills and knowledge employers want, and be fully aware of the culture, service and competitive aspects of international tourism and hotel corporations. Students also develop core business skills in areas such as financial management, hospitality management, leadership, and strategic management.

Students develop specialist knowledge of the sport industry and gain solid business skills to enable students to manage professional and not-for-profit sport organisations and clubs. Students also develop employment opportunities in various sectors including sport tourism, marketing, media, athlete representation and more.

Students develop core business skills and specialist knowledge about how to organise, manage and promote events that will put them at the forefront of this exciting and growing industry in a range of areas including sport, tourism, marketing, media and cultural sectors, as well as coordinating and managing local and international event portfolios.

Students gain specialist financial and legal knowledge, as well as project management and negotiation skills. Students can also complete the Real Estate license as an elective, entitling students to own or manage a real estate agency upon graduation. This major is delivered in close consultation with key industry bodies including the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, the Property Council of Australia and the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

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Student success stories

Rebecca Dodds-Gorman

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

“Undertaking an internship or work experience is a great way to get practical experience in addition to my degree qualification. It is definitely who you know, but you’ve also got to back it up with what you know, and that comes from theoretical and practical application of skills and knowledge”.

Brendon Ranson

Bachelor of Business

"My host organisation welcomed me with open arms. They gave me so much exposure to all areas of HR and have kept me highly engaged and on my toes. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants exposure and experience in their field of study. It will be an enjoyable experience and something you will not regret."

Rebekah Nickelson

Bachelor of Business

"My internship experience was a great eye-opener into the world of corporate event fields. I highly recommend the THS Internship program. Throughout my experience I was exposed to the glamorous and not so glamorous side of the Events Industry and I've loved every part of it. Being an intern allowed me to put my learned skills in the classroom into action in the workforce, while being supported by Moonie and her colleagues. A great program overall!"

Christopher Barnes

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce

“The internship experience allowed me to gain practical and technical experience using key property data reporting and analytics programs. I was able to develop strong knowledge on commercial real estate in Gold Coast region and learn practical industry terminologies which enables to be more competitive candidates in my future employment activities. The experience also enabled to improve my communication and interpersonal skills which are essential to be successful in my chosen career field!"

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