Associate Professor Popi Sotiriadou's current teaching areas are Sport Facility and Venue Management and Information Systems for the Service Industries.

Research expertise

  • The socio-economic value of elite sport (ie elite athlete development and success)
  • Elite (and pre elite) athlete branding and brand congruence
  • Gender equity in elite sport
  • Elite athlete development pathways (pathway gaps in the attraction, retention, transition and nurturing processes)
  • The role of national organisational resources and recourse configurations on national athlete success
  • The role of Inter-organisational relationships (eg between NSOs and clubs) on elite athlete development and success
  • Elite athlete experiences at mega events and impact on performance/retention and repeat competition
  • Strategic management of high performance/elite sport environments (from a macro, meso and micro level perceptive)
  • The role of culture on elite athlete success
  • Sport development processes (the attraction, retention, transition and nurturing of participants, coaches, managers)

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