Focusing on issues and opportunities relating to relationship marketing for business

Relationship Marketing for Impact is a research cluster within the Department of Marketing, Griffith Business School, and works alongside the Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy, University of Washington.

We aim to:

  • Create a strong network of researchers in relationship marketing
  • Develop and maintain a strong and innovative research in relationship marketing
  • Solve business issues relating to relationship marketing
  • Connect with the industry experts and enterprises.

With five key areas of focus:

  • Online relationship marketing
  • Big data
  • Data privacy
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer behaviour

Selected projects

We are currently working on a number of projects in relationship marketing, consumer behaviour, big data, and data privacy. Below are some examples of our current projects.

Consumer Privacy

A team of experts from different disciplines, including Marketing, Computer Science and Big Data Analysts, Law, and Political Science will be brought together and tasked with different components of this consumer privacy project.

The project will draw on existing capacity at Griffith University in the areas of Marketing, Big Data, Legal ethics and consumer privacy.

Social Franchising and Franchising

Dr Park Thaichon has been working with Prof Scott Weaven, Dr Sara Quach (Griffith University) and Prof Lorelle Frazer (University of Sunshine Coast) on several projects and ARC grants relating to Australian franchising. The latest project is looking at Australian social franchising. The aim of the project is to gain a deeper understanding of social franchising, relevant organisational behaviour, marketing management and related theories in franchising contexts.

Big Data and Online Relationship Marketing

Dr Sara Quach is currently working with Dr Wei Shao, Dr Park Thaichon and Dr Mitchell Ross on a research project related to the use of Big Data to understand and enhance online relationship marketing. The project also aims to examine content creation and social media strategies and the levels of their influence on establishing and maintaining online customer relationships.

Emotional Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

A/Prof Catherine Prentice is currently working with colleagues from Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave, Portugal, Murdoch University, University of Macau, and Macau University of Science and Technology on several projects relating to emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence, relationship marketing, firm performance, fashion industry, customer engagement, adaptability and sustainability.

Customer value and co-creation motivations

Dr Cassandra France is leading new research in customer co-creation, looking at what forms of value arise from co-creation behaviour. Understanding the motivations for customer participation in co-creation behaviour is beginning to emerge as a critical area for brand management. While we have well established models of motivation for buying, there remains a gap in models for other customer behaviours. This research bridges this gap, offering new insight in this emerging area of brand research.

Student Engagement and Relationship Marketing

This research project consists of a team of researchers from the areas of human resources, relationship marketing, and education marketing. The aim of the project is to gain a better understanding of student engagement and satisfaction among Mixed Mode and In-Person Mode. It helps develop key strategies that universities can adopt to manage their students more effectively and to drive engagement in a mixed mode of face-to-face and online learning environment.

Education Co-creation Green Marketing

The aim of Education Co-creation Green Marketing project is to engage students and staff in creating a sustainable business school. Being experts in branding and sustainability, Dr Cassandra France, Dr Maria Dharmesti, and Dr Joan Carlini have initiated the project. The project is expected to contribute insights to sustainability and education literature, as well as encouraging inclusive sustainable practices in education context.

Outside-in Marketing

Professor Scott Weaven, Dr Sara Quach and Dr Park Thaichon from Griffith University are working with Professor Rob Palmatier from the University of Washington in the areas of Outside-in Marketing. In contrast to the inside-out marketing, the outside-in perspective goes beyond firm resources to understand the interaction and value creation between various parties from both inside and outside the firm. This research project involves advancement of current theories and development of an organizing framework as well as research priorities.


Our members work closely with our industry partners and other leading research institutes to solve problems and identify opportunities for businesses at both local and international levels.

Below are examples of our academic publications from 2013 to 2017.

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Advisory Board Members

Professor Liliana Bove

University of Melbourne

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Emeritus Professor James Brown

West Virginia University

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Professor Jonathan Elms

Massey University

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Professor Lorelle Frazer

University of Sunshine Coast

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Associate Professor Liem Viet Ngo


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Professor Robert W Palmatier

University of Washington

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Professor Simon Pervan

La Trobe University

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Curtin University

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