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The Department of Marketing is renowned for its innovative nature, and is continuously evolving to provide the highest calibre of marketing programs.


Marketing provides an interesting, intellectually challenging and exciting career to graduates in the business world. It's about analysing markets, competitors, customers and your own organisation to understand why they behave the way they do under differing and constantly changing market conditions; and what action is necessary in those markets to achieve success.

We are committed to building a strong and dynamic research profile. To date, we have achieved significant research outcomes in both applied research (addressing real-world issues affecting domestic and international business), and academic research (furthering understanding and theoretical debate in important issues within the marketing and management fields).

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We are committed to building a strong and dynamic research profile. To date, we have achieved significant research outcomes in both applied research, addressing real-world issues affecting domestic and international business, and academic research, furthering understanding and theoretical debate in important issues within the marketing and management fields.

We are delighted to receive ideas, input and research proposals from business and industry groups. We value these opportunities highly as it enables our staff to maintain a close association with the issues currently affecting business, and provides our students with valuable real-world research experience. Numerous research projects have been undertaken by both staff and students of the Department in recent years at the request of industry, with great success.

Relationship Marketing for Impact

Relationship Marketing for Impact is a research cluster working alongside the Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy, University of Washington.

The cluster focuses on issues and opportunities relating to relationship marketing for business.

Branding and Consumer Research Network

The Branding and Consumer Research Network is a group of international branding/consumer research experts who are working together towards being at the forefront of research and education within this domain.

The group are exploring key research areas such as; luxury branding, brand metrics and consumer online behaviour.

Social Marketing @ Griffith

Australian and other international communities are facing economic, environmental and social consequences of behaviours such as binge drinking, inactivity, human trafficking, smoking, excessive eating, and the inefficient use of energy and other resources.

Social Marketing @ Griffith has a broad range of research projects underway that involve the application of commercial marketing to effect positive social change.

Student Opportunities

Griffith Business School offers many opportunities for students to get involved with our community, build professional and social networks, and enhance their business skills.  We also offer a wide range of scholarships, prizes and awards to assist with the costs of course fees, textbooks, accommodation and living expenses.


It’s not everyday you receive a glowing job reference from Australia’s Foreign Affairs minister.

Courtney Organ certainly wasn’t expecting it. She received a call from the New Colombo Plan alumni group while she was in the library studying for her final year at Griffith Business School.

After quickly making an exit, she was told that Julie Bishop had shared Courtney’s experience as part of her speech to the Tourism and Transport Forum Leadership Summit.

“Her internship was two months in a town in southern Japan where she worked for their tourism organisation, she designed their website, she worked on their marketing campaign and she said she learnt more about Japanese thinking, culture, lifestyle, way of life than she could have ever dreamed,” Ms Bishop told the audience.

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Our remarkable alumni

Sarah Schoeller and Marissa Bowden's big business brainwave came to them during the GFC. After a strong start to her career with positions within the BreakFree, Mantra, Peppers and brands in the tourism sector, Sarah’s progression stalled with a redundancy. Wanting to make the most of her downtime, Sarah joined with Co-Founder Marissa to develop a business plan for The Village Markets between jobs. Their creative idea blossomed and is now a Gold Coast institution, helping to foster the careers of other designers and artists. Sarah says a number of their early stallholders have launched at the markets and become a huge success.

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