Program Director of Graduate Certificate in Policy Analysis, Master of Public Administration, Executive Master of Public Administration

Senior Lecturer, Griffith Business School

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Dr Tracey Arklay's research blends theory with practical insights. She has written on federal and state politics, policy capacity, parliamentary analysis, disaster management, and electoral integrity. She is the author of two books: Arthur Fadden: A political silhouette, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2014 and The Ayes have it: History of the Queensland Parliament 1957-1989, ANU Press, Canberra, 2010 (with John Wanna). She is a co-editor of  A People’s Federation, with Bruerton M, Hollander R, Levy, R.,Federation Press: Sydney. Her recent articles include Arklay, T, van Acker E & Hollander, R  (2018)  ‘Policy entrepreneurs searching for the open-minded skeptic: a new approach to engagement in difficult policy areas’, Policy Design and Practice, Vol 1, Issue 2, pp 103-114 and Orr, G and Arklay, T 2016 ‘Rethinking Voter Identification: its rationale and impact’ Australian Journal of Political Science, 51 (3) pp. 386-399. Tracey is  currently a member of the advisory board for the Inspector-General Emergency Management.

Research expertise

  • State and Federal politics and public policy
  • Crisis and disaster management
  • Parliamentary and Electoral studies

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