Patrick Weller AO, FASSA, is a Professor Emeritus in the School of Government and International Relations at Griffith University. He has a BA from Oxford University, a PhD from the Australian National University and a DLitt from Griffith University. From 1990-2012 he was director of the Centre for Governance and Public Policy at Griffith University. He was professor of politics at Griffith from 1984 to 2015.

He is the author, co-author or editor of some 40 books on Australian politics, international organisations and comparative institutions. (Co)authored books include Treasury Control in Australia (1976), Politics and Policy in Australia (1978), Can Ministers Cope? (1981), First among Equals (1985), Malcolm Fraser PM (1989), Dodging Raindrops: John Button, A Labor Life (1999), Australia’s Mandarins (2001), Don’t tell the Prime Minister (2002), The Governance of World Trade: International Civil Servants in the GATT/WTO (2004), Cabinet Government in Australia, 1901-2006 (2007), Westminster compared (2009; Japanese translation 2015), Inside the World Bank (2009), Learning to be a Minister (2010), From Post Box to Power House (2011), a centenary history of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Kevin Rudd, twice Prime Minister (2014). He has also written over 70 journal articles and 80 book chapters.

His most recent books are The Working World of International Organisations: Authority, Capacity, Legitimacy (with Xu Yi-chong),  and  The Prime Ministers’ Craft: Why some succeed and others fail in Westminster systems; both were published in 2018 by Oxford University Press.

He has won fifteen grants from the Australian Research Council since 1985.  He was elected a fellow of the Academy of the Social Science in Australia in 1996 and appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2002 for ‘extending understanding of the role of executive government’.  He was chair of the Queensland Corrective Services Commission from 1994-96, and a member of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Group on Reform of Australian Government Administration in 2010.

Research expertise

  • Executive government
  • Politic and policy making in central governments in Westminister systems
  • Australian politics
  • International civil servants

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