B Economics, B Laws, M Arts (Personnel Management and Industrial Relations), M Economics, PhD

Associate Professor, Griffith Business School

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Associate Professor Mohan Thite has a multi-disciplinary, multi-industry and multi-national career profile in academia and industry. He has Undergraduate degrees in Economics and Law, Post-graduate degrees in Economics and Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, and PhD in Human Resource Management. Similarly, his career, spanning over 30 years, is multi-faceted covering several management positions in industry and academic positions in Australia. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of South Asian Journal of HRM, published by Sage.
Dr Thite has published five books on “E-HRM: Digital Approaches, Directions and Applications (2018, editor, Routledge); “Emerging Indian Multinationals” (2016, co-edited Oxford University Press); “Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications & Future Directions” (2015, 3rd Ed., co-edited, Sage); “Next Available Operator: Managing Human Resources in Indian Business Process Outsourcing Industry” (2009, co-edited, Sage) and “Managing people in the new economy” (2004, Sage). His publications also include over 100 book chapters, journal articles (in esteemed journals including Human Resource Management (USA), International Business Review, International Journal of HRM, Journal of World Business, Work, Employment & Society and International Journal of Project Management), conference papers, case studies & research consultancy reports. He is the sole or first-named author in most of his published papers and a research leader in all his research projects. According to Google Scholar, Dr Thite's published work so far has been cited over 1,500 times (h-index 20; i10-index 25). His ResearchGate score is 18.92 (higher than 65% of ResearchGate members) with over 50,000 reads. He has also received external funding from the Society for HRM (SHRM) Foundation, USA, Australian & Queensland Governments. He is a recipient of several teaching citations and grants.

Research expertise

  • Strategic human resource management (SHRM)
  • Digital HRM/ e-HRM/ Human resource information systems (HRIS)
  • International HRM, especially in emerging economies
  • Global Talent Management & Mobility

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