PhD (SCU), BBusMgt (Hon1) (Griffith)

Senior Lecturer, Griffith Business School

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Matthew attained his PhD at Southern Cross University where he was the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award for his studies examining the role of workplace relationships in fostering the innovative behaviour of public and private sector nurses working in Australia. Matthew has taught HRM at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is an active researcher in the areas of positive organisational behaviour, workplace relationships, and innovation in the workplace. Matthew is also interested in student engagement, and in 2015-2016 Matthew worked on several Griffith Learning and Teaching grants to examine how students’ perceive their connectedness (i.e. with peers, teachers, & teaching environments), and the importance of such connectedness in supporting students so they have a lower sense of workload, a greater sense for studying at University, and greater levels of engagement in academic activities.

Matthew’s research includes working with a group of Australian and international colleagues on a range of projects funded by the public and private sectors to better understand the role of workplace exchange relationships (organisational support) and a form of individual support (based on Positive Organisational Behaviour) in facilitating quality employee outcomes. A sample of research undertaken includes projects with Private and Public healthcare providers in Australia, Private and Public Health in the UK and USA, private sector engineering firms, the Australian Defence Force and paramilitary, and a range of local government employees across Australia.

Matthew has published work in a wide range of peer-reviewed journal articles including, but not limited to, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Public Management Review, Personnel Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Public Money and Management, Journal of Advanced Nursing, and International Journal of Innovation Management. As a researcher, Matthew takes a keen interest in quantitative methods, and in particular the use of structural equation modeling.

Research expertise

  • Innovative behaviour
  • Workplace relationships
  • Organisational Citizenship Behaviour
  • Structural equation modelling
  • Partial least squares modelling

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