B Economics (Hons), PhD

Griffith Business School

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David Peetz is Professor of Employment Relations at Griffith University.  He previously worked at the Australian National University and in the then Commonwealth Department of Industrial Relations, spending over five years in its Senior Executive Service.  He has been a consultant for the International Labour Organisation in Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Geneva and undertaken work for unions, employers and governments of both political persuasions.  He is the author of Unions in a Contrary World (1998) and Brave New Workplace (2006) and co-author of Women of the Coal Rushes (2010), in addition to numerous academic articles, papers and reports, as well as articles for The Conversation.  He is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

Research expertise

  • Productivity
  • Gender and work
  • Public policy and regulation
  • Collective bargaining and individual contracting
  • Union membership, education and reform
  • Workplace relations
  • Labour markets
  • Work intensification, working time and work-life interference
  • Collectivism, individualism and political behaviour
  • Working arrangements in the mining and resources sector
  • Climate change, finance and corporate ownership

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