Ashlea is a professor in organisational behaviour and a scholar in workplace emotions, Ashlea’s research examines how employees’ workplace emotions, emotional intelligence and emotional regulation impacts on communication and performance outcomes in organisational contexts. Ashlea also has research and practical interest in frontline leadership and developing leadership potential.

Ashlea has been a recipient of large Australian Research Council Discovery grants investigating workplace emotional resilience and perceptions of unfair managerial treatment. She has also been a recipient of a Centre for Workplace Leadership grant (University of Melbourne) examining the various roles and challenges faced by frontline managers. Ashlea was recently recognised as part of the 4-peson best research team at Griffith Business School 2016. 

Ashlea has nearly 20 years’ experience as a consultant, facilitator and researcher in this field. In the past 5 years she has successfully completed research consultancies for Queensland Health and a local council on developing emotional resilience in frontline managers and their staff, on the design and validation of an instrument to identify leadership potential for a large C’wlth agency, and on the management of communication within team based organisational structures within a large pathology company.

Research expertise

  • Emotions in organisational settings
  • Emotional intelligence and employee and organisational outcomes
  • Emotional regulation in employees, leadership and teams
  • Workplace affective climates
  • Multilevel approaches to workplace problems
  • Psychometric tool development and validation

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