Creating transformative learning experiences for professionals and business people

Dr Luke Houghton is currently working on a project that focuses on use the engagement model of problem solving to assess and learn how to impart skills to time pressured business people and professionals alike.  It draws on the idea that experiences produce the best learning outcomes.   At present the model is being tested with business people looking to improve their marketing.

How large complex projects are evaluated

How project managers evaluate and large complex project may vary depending on duration, size, complexity, risk, and visibility.

PhD Candidate, Omid Hassannejad, (supervised by Dr Gustavo Guzman and Dr Luke Houghton) is investigating the role and influence of human actors (such as project management teams, investors, evaluation teams and other key project stakeholders) and non-human actors (such as tools, objects, events, materials, knowledge, software and any other entities that influence project development) within project environments.

Impact of project complexities on leadership and followership behaviour in the United Arab Emirates

Leading complex projects requires a high level of understanding of the softer (people management) and harder (project management tools) skills of project management.

PhD candidate, Hazza Aldhaheri (supervised by Dr Anand Tularam, Dr Peter Ross and Dr Katrina Radford) is conducting an exploratory investigation into the impact that structural project complexities have on leadership style, followership behaviour and the achievement of the project’s strategic objectives in the United Arab Emirates.

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