Pain management: When I can’t tell you It hurts

Over a decade of research has highlighted that pain is largely unrecognised and frequently undertreated in people with dementia.

Professor Anneke Fitzgerald and Adjunct Professor Kate Hayes (BSI) are collaborating with Dr Sharon Andrews (Lead Researcher), A/ Prof Colm Cunningham, Prof Phillip Siddall, Prof Chris Poulos and Rumbidzai Tichawangana from HammondCare in a multi-centre investigation to address barriers to personal care assistants’ effective engagement in pain management processes, and develop a service culture that supports evidence-based pain management for people living with dementia.

Have you considered how this makes me feel?

Exploring the supports available for aged care employees who experience loss, grief and trauma at work

Dr Katrina Radford is exploring how employees cope with the loss, grief and trauma that may be experienced within the aged care environment.
It reviews the evidence on death cafes, and how emotional triggers impact work productivity, career trajectories and turnover, and will conduct a trial of innovative solutions to assist employees through these experiences.

Intergenerational care

An ageing boom, which is set to place new and untold pressures on the lives of carers in Australia, needs action toward solving the problem now.

Professor Anneke Fitzgerald, Dr Katrina Radford and Dr Nerina Vecchio are leading a nationwide investigation into the future of respite care centres and the potential development of an intergenerational model. The aim is to build an age-friendly community where the quality of life of both young and old can be positively affected by mixing their care in an intergenerational setting.

Investigating aged care employees’ retention and turnover

As the population ages, the need for quality aged care services rise exponentially. However, aged care services in Australia are under greater pressure to provide more with less resources, in an environment that has a shortage of workers. This is increasingly important in the context of funding cuts and policy changes.

Dr Katrina Radford is exploring retention of employees within the aged care sector in Australia.

Understanding the journey better

By 2050 more than one million people are predicted to be living with dementia in Australia. To date little research has focussed on the impact of interventions on the lives of people living with dementia and their carers.

Professor Anneke Fitzgerald and Adjunct Associate Professor Joanne Curry are working with the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre to explore patient journey modelling to give voice to people with dementia and their carers about their individual journeys and identify opportunities for improvement.

Why change behaviour? Translating and implementing evidence into practice

Despite the demonstrable benefits of many healthcare innovations, embedding research findings into practice has been slow and sporadic.  While many change management models have been proposed in the literature, few explore the behavioural triggers of change.

Professor Anneke Fitzgerald and Dr Katrina Radford have set about addressing this gap by examining the perceived and actual triggers of change over time.

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