To go or not to go: Women in the Indian IT industry

Despite more than fifty years of research into gender and work, the topic is still under-represented in mainstream management literature. Dr Dhara Shah and Professor Michelle Barker are undertaking research to understand the career trajectories of women in the Indian IT industry who have undertaken international assignments.

Access to sanitation in peri-urban communities

While hygienic sanitation facilities are an expectation for many of us, open defecation remains the norm for a large portion of the world’s population. Dr Paul Howard and Dr Campbell Fraser are exploring social and economic barriers to participation of sanitation programs by peri-urban communities in Cambodia and India.

Career progress of China's 'Little Emperors'

PhD candidate, Jane Kerr, (supervised by Professor Glenda Strachan and Associate Professor Peter Woods) is exploring effective models of Organisational Career Management with Chinese characteristics that can be applied to the ‘Little Emperors’ cohort of hotel managers born between 1979-2000 under the One Child Policy.

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