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International Business

The world economy is increasingly moving toward a global economy. It takes a special set of skills to engage the international business community, and nobody understands this better than our experts. By opening the door to information and ideas from both home and abroad, our department is helping to develop specifically skilled graduates and create more opportunities for Australian businesses to successfully engage with foreign markets. We’re also teaching our graduates to think creatively, differently and innovate so they are prepared to become modern business leaders in an ever-changing world.

Asian Engagement

Asia accounts for 60 per cent of the world's population and is rapidly developing both socially and economically. Australia is recognised as a crucial player in Asia with our integration into this region being vital to our continued prosperity. With deep knowledge of Asia, you'll position yourself as a sought-after graduate with a global perspective. You'll develop expertise and an in-depth understanding of the region's political, economic, and cultural environment and be prepared to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities working in Australia and abroad as an expert on Asian affairs.

Asian Business

Asia is a vibrant and significant part of the global economy in the 21st century and a major trading partner with Australia. Asia is emerging as the world’s largest producer and consumer of goods and is populated by dynamic and complex societies. A deep understanding of Asian history, culture, politics and business relations is required to successfully engage throughout Asia – in government, commercial and not for profit environments.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The world we live in depends on logistics and supply chain managers to make products available to us. These managers are the ultimate back-room power players moving millions of dollars of product every day. Logistics and supply chain managers are the air traffic controllers of the global market and can give a company the advantage it needs to surge ahead of its competition. If any part of the supply network fails, then a business can find itself with a big problem. That's why good logistics and supply chain managers are such valued professionals.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Choosing to study innovation and entrepreneurship will teach you how to be an effective, innovative, and dynamic manager and you'll graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to develop and manage a successful business. Studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Griffith gives you the strategic know-how to start up, operate and sell new business ventures. You will learn how to innovate and create a dynamic career moving from employment to self-employment and back again.

Business Analytics

Business analytics are more important than ever including in financial services, government, and public services, and to consumers. You will learn from world-class experts across the business and information and communication technology disciplines, who have strong linkages with industry and government, so you gain practical experience of skills you will use in the workplace. You will have an opportunity to complete an internship so you’ll graduate with experience of finding solutions to the challenges employers are facing today.

Dual Degrees

Our department offers a dual degree program between Griffith University and National Donghwa University, Taiwan. The articulation covers both undergraduate and master programs.

This dual degree program is supported by Griffith International.

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Learning and teaching awards

Dr Luke Houghton

Dr Luke Houghton

2021, Griffith Award for Excellence in Teaching (Highly Commended)

2015, Highly Commended Teaching for a First Year Course

2012, Dean’s Commendation for Teaching and Learning

Dr Julienne Senyard

Dr Julienne Senyard

2019, Griffith Award for Excellence in Teaching (Highly Commended)

Dr Heather Stewart

Dr Heather Stewart

2015, Griffith Award for Excellence in Teaching (Online)

Dr Harsha Sarvaiya

Dr Harsha Sarvaiya

2018 and 2019, Deputy Vice-Chancellor teaching commendation

2020, Griffith Learning and Teaching Citation

2020, Dean’s Highly commended certificate

2020, OUA Teaching commendation

Dr Amanda Daly

2020, Griffith Award for Excellence in Teaching - Innovative Assessment (Team award)

2017, 2019, 2020 OUA Teaching commendation

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Dr Yong Wu

Dr Yong Wu

2018, awarded HEA Senior Fellow

Dr Lili Mi

Dr Lili Mi

2020, awarded HEA Fellow

Dr Heather Stewart

Dr Heather Stewart

2019, awarded Senior Fellow HEA

2017, Associate Fellow with HERSA

Dr Julienne Senyard

Dr Julienne Senyard

2018, Griffith Learning and Teaching Academy membership (Automatic owing to HEA Fellowship)

Dr Amanda Daly

2019, Fellow, International Education Association of Australia

2018, Senior Fellow, Griffith Learning & Teaching Academy


Dr Julienne Senyard

2019 GBS T & L Grant (2019) Establishing, engaging and maintaining effective digital teams ($5169)

2019 GBS Teaching Excellence Reward Scheme (TERS) ($1800)

2019 National Science Foundation Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Workshop at Brown University (Teaching) ($1500)

Dr Yong Wu

Griffith Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme (2015). Moving purchasing games online. Peter Tatham, Yong Wu, Rod Gapp and Alan Blackman

Griffith Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme (2014). Energising the Purchasing and Supply Management Classroom. Yong Wu, Rod Gapp, Peter Tatham, Robert Ogulin and Alan Blackman

Associate Professor Gloria Ge

Japan savvy university graduates: exploring industry needs for Japan savvy university graduates – funded by the Queensland Program for Japanese Education.

What do transnational students’ value? Identifying the factors that attract students to a transnational program, with Professor Chris Auld, 2014

Dr Amanda Daly

2021 Co-developing future-focussed curriculum literacy with students-as-researchers

Assoc Prof S.Niru Nirthanan, Dr Sakinah Alhadad, Dr Christopher Love, Assoc Prof Kate Galloway, Dr Sarah-Jane Gregory, Dr Lana Mitchell, Dr Samid Suliman, Dr Amanda Daly, Dr Khamsum Kinley, Hazel Jones, Katharina Gutjahr-Holland, Brittany Bowen

Griffith University Strategic L&T grant

Team: A/Prof. Naomi Birdthistle; Julienne Senyard; Sara Ekberg, Carla Riverola, Lenka Boorer, Hazel Jones

Title: Empowering Griffith educators to adopt enterprising pedagogies

Amount: $44,644

This project developed an educator’s online platform that hosts guides which align with enterprising skills that students need for the 21st century of work. The platform has instructional videos demonstrating to the educator how to use the resources found on the online repository. Videos of entrepreneurs and Griffith alumni who are within STEAM and business have been created. The online repository hosts a library of enterprise activities, targeted readings, exercises, quizzes etc.

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Amanda Daly

Within T&L scholarship Amanda writes on several areas including authentic assessment and the management curriculum.

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Dr Heather Stewart

Heather Stewart

Heather writes extensively within the scholarship of teaching and learning for example she has written and presented on teaching online, Corporate Social Responsibility being taught through simulated learning and means of improving retention of student.

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Dr Naomi Birdthistle

Naomi Birdthistle

Flipped learning, teaching STEM academics about enterprise pedagogies and entrepreneurial competencies are some of the areas Naomi contributes to the scholarship of Learning and Teaching.

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Dr Luke Houghton

Luke Houghton

Luke has co-authored works on scholarship of learning with other BSI colleagues along with looking at engagement models and students adopting technologies in their studies.

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