Enhancing capacity for Indian women entrepreneurs

Griffith University's Department of Business Strategy and Innovation is teaming up with Indian partners to deliver a program to enhance Indian women entrepreneurs’ capacity to internationalise and provide opportunities and tools to understand and work in an international environment… specifically Queensland, Australia.

This is an innovative two-phase project: Phase 1 involves the design and delivery of 2-day Masterclasses in India, and Phase 2 involves bringing a select group of Indian Masterclass participants to Queensland for a week-long, cross-cultural entrepreneurs’ boot-camp.

This project is part of a larger research study conducted by Griffith University research team. The study aims to identify how networks manifest in different entrepreneurial ecosystems and what role do they play for Indian women entrepreneurs when they decide to invest in a start-up. Your consent will be sought to participate in the study. Participation in the study is voluntary and will not affect your registration in the Masterclass or Bootcamp.

This project is co-funded with the support of the Queensland Government’s International Education and Training Partnership Fund, managed by Study Queensland within Trade and Investment Queensland.

FICCI FLO members event (New Delhi)

2-3 September 2019

Two-day Masterclasses will be offered to 50 women in New Delhi on 2-3 September 2019

Young Indians members event (Bangalore)

7-8 September 2019

Two-day Masterclasses will be offered to 50 women in Bangalore on 7-8 September 2019

Who is the program for?

To be considered for the program, we are inviting all Indian women innovators with a social element in their business to a two-day Masterclass conducted by Academics from Griffith University.

Specifically we are seeking Indian women entrepreneurs who have an enterprise (profit or non-profit) with a social element that have been established 2-5 years and have an intent to scale internationally (Australia/Queensland).

Why Queensland?

Queensland's low operating costs, highly skilled workforce and strategic Asia-Pacific location create an attractive investment destination. Advantages to doing business in Queensland includes:

  • stable and pro-business economy
  • low business costs in Queensland
  • highly skilled workforce
  • reliable infrastructure
  • Innovation, research and development
  • idyllic lifestyle.

The Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-20 is positioning Queensland as the place for small businesses to start, grow and employ.

The strategy focuses on stronger advocacy for small business, simplified and coordinated service delivery and connecting small business to opportunity. It puts in place programs that help small business grow, innovate and take advantage of digital platforms.

Coming to Queensland as part of the India Innovator Experience presented a great opportunity to establish strong bilateral ties within the startup and innovation space. Queensland has such a diverse and welcoming ecosystem which presents so many opportunities for India and Queensland to collaborate and build meaningful partnerships.

Ajay Ramasubramaniam

(India Innovators Experience participant 2019)

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