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Prior to joining the University of Western Sydney in 2002, Anneke worked 20+ years in the health industry in clinical and managerial positions at different levels. Since becoming an academic in 2002 she has worked full time in mainly administrative and research positions with some teaching.

Since 2003, Anneke was the first listed Chief Investigator on an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant “Visual optimisation of patient flow in Hospital Emergency Departments” and several other contract research and tender projects, including, “The development and testing of criteria for the evaluation of an acute health care re-design program at the Royal Adelaide Hospital focused on improving the patient journey” (UWS partnership program), and “Open disclosure research and indicator development including the ‘100 patients stories’” (Commission on safety and quality in health care).

More recently, Anneke is a Chief Investigator on several projects amounting to over $27m in external research income. Of these, $25m is NHMRC research funding in conjunction with University of Sydney. In this research partnership, her role is to enable change management and research translation into practice by working with the 38 different research teams to help manage people and sustain change. She is also on the executive team that governs the research partnership centre. In addition, related to the CDPC, Anneke is currently involved in several industry led projects around innovative practices and change management, knowledge translation, implementation and sustaining new practices in dementia care and is leading practical implementation workshops for researchers and practitioners in order to close the research to practice gaps.

Another large research program is the intergenerational care program. This research investigates the effects of intergenerational learning programs on socioeconomic markers, workforce sustainability and educational theory for elders – eldergogy. This DACS funded project trialled an intergenerational models within 4 settings to investigate its feasibility and sustainability in the Australian context. Anneke’s leading role is to evaluate the program, manage the research staff and budget, and ensure its success according to what the team set out to achieve. In the process Anneke and her colleagues developed a fidelity framework that is potentially transferable to other contexts.

In addition to Health Management research, Anneke has a vested interest in methodology and she has published several methodological papers. She has been teaching qualitative methodology and research design for several years and in particular she has written about mixed methods research (MMR).

As Anneke researches mostly at the operational level of the (healthcare) organisation, her research impact beyond academe is at the operational level in healthcare organisations. For example, as a result of her research into work flows, patients at a large metropolitan hospital in Sydney wait 24 minutes less for a diagnosis in emergency department. In addition, in terms of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (2015), Anneke’s research impact -beyond academe- has the potential to help reach targets in Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages. Her activities are also (more loosely) related to goals 4 (quality education), 8 (Decent work and economic growth), 9 (Industry, innovation) and 17 (Partnerships).

Research expertise

  • Process innovation and change management
  • Implementation and quality improvement science
  • Health service management
  • Organisational behaviour in healthcare
  • Professional identity
    Intergenerational learning

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