A central part of the Griffith Tax Clinics are its student advisers. Students involved in the Clinics will have a great opportunity to use their tax knowledge to help the community.

What are the benefits of participating in the Griffith Tax Clinic?

Students will be able to assist and empower members of the community to be more confident and knowledgeable about their tax obligations. This includes students conducting free public seminars to recent immigrants and people about to commence a business about the tax issues they need to know about.

Students will have real life experience in providing tax assistance, including opportunities to develop  their verbal and written communication skills; as well as research skills. Further students will have opportunities to have great exposure to the Australian Tax Office, including site visits.

As students will be supervised by a Registered Tax Agent, their work at the Tax Clinic will count towards ‘supervised hours’ experience required to be a Registered Tax Agent

Students will have opportunities to engage with industry partners who are providing mentoring support  for students at the clinic.

Become an intern

How to apply for an internship

To apply for an internship you must enrol in one of these courses via your myGriffith enrolment. Once you enrol the registration process for an internship placement will begin. Note: eligibility criteria applies.

Apply to participate

As a Griffith student, you will be able to enrol in and participate in Griffith Tax Clinics as a course: Commerce Internship 3000AFE.

Applications will open approximately two months before the relevant Trimester and you will need to submit the following:

  • Current CV
  • Academic Transcript
  • Written expression of interest of why you want to assist in the clinic

Once you're enrolled, you will work one day a week at the Griffith Tax Clinic situated at the Logan campus (under the supervision of a Registered Tax Agent) and provide tax assistance to society’s most vulnerable people (including small businesses).

Note: there is some limited opportunity for Griffith students to volunteer at the Clinic (rather than doing it formally as a course).

Conditions of application

Involvement in the Clinic will offer a fantastic opportunity to learn first hand how your studies are relevant and can be applied to real taxpayers. Enrolment is open to both Business/Commerce and Law students at any of Griffith University’s campuses who have completed a minimum 160 credit points of their degree (ie. 16 courses) and have a GPA of at least 5.0.

  • For Business/Commerce students: must have the Tax Minor nominated as part of their Degree and have completed at least three out of the six courses (inc 3106AFE Revenue Law).
  • For Law students: they will need to have completed 3106AFE Revenue Law and have the intention to complete 3108AFE Tax Planning. The Commerce Internship course (3000AFE) is a ‘free choice elective’ for law students to undertake (compared to a 'law elective') as law students are allowed a number of free choice electives as part of their law degree.

For more information about how you can enrol or be a volunteer at the Griffith Tax Clinic, please contact Professor Brett Freudenberg on b.freudenberg@griffith.edu.au or phone 07 3735 8071

Unique experiences and opportunities

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