Providing free tax assistance to help you navigate Australia's complex tax system

Griffith University has a strong and proud history of striving for social justice, and the Griffith Tax Clinic aims to provide free tax assistance to unrepresented taxpayers so they know their rights and obligations in complying with Australia’s complex tax system. The Griffith Tax Clinic is a friendly, student-run clinic where you will receive advice from Griffith University taxation students under the supervision of experienced tax practitioners.

The Griffith Tax Clinic may be able to assist you with:

Tax advice

Responding to an ATO notice

Reporting meetings and filing requirements

Applying for remissions of penalties

Negotiating a payment plan

Computing tax liability

Tax law, your rights and obligations

Tax returns

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The Griffith Tax Clinic is located at the Logan campus, Academic 2 (L08), Room 1.11. Apply for assistance with one of our student tax advisors today via the application form or email.

Free Tax Education Seminars

To assist the public to better understand the tax system, the Griffith Tax Clinic also runs free tax education seminars.

For students

Engage in case work directly relevant to your chosen career; as well as play an important part in assisting otherwise unrepresented taxpayers. Students gain this valuable experience while under the supervision of experienced tax practitioners. If you are interested in participating in the Griffith Tax Clinic as a student.

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For industry

It is possible for industry to support the Griffith Tax Clinics, either through student mentoring, pro bono work or seminar assistance.

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For clients

For clients entering an agreement with the Griffith Tax Clinic, it's important to read and agree to the terms of the agreement via the button below.

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For high schools

A series of free instructional videos specifically designed for secondary school students are now available to support in-class or online teaching.

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Griffith Tax Clinic

Griffith University, Logan campus

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+61 7 338 21177

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