To make a significant contribution by informing the government policies by:

  1. Advancing the knowledge of Indigenous small business performance and the findings will be disseminated via academic conferences and journal articles.
  2. To provide useful information on the impact of financial and commercial literacy on small business performance to Indigenous communities both in Australia and internationally.
  3. To have practical outcomes that will promote the financial health and sustainability of Indigenous small businesses.

Successful business ownership will boost employment in the Australian economy and can create flow-on of wealth to others, contributing to intergenerational wealth transfers in Indigenous communities. Indigenous Australian business owners often become employers of Indigenous Australians and this compounds the positive effect of Indigenous business on Indigenous Australian employment.


To promote financial health and sustainability of Indigenous businesses and lead to greater levels of financial literacy in Indigenous businesses in the future.

Testimonial from our researchers

Financial literacy is more about an individual’s capacity to acquire financial knowledge and apply this to the financial dilemmas faced at various life stages. It also involves critical reflection about the impact of an individual’s financial decision-making and how this affects others while considering what influenced their financial decision (i.e. socio-economic status, education level, [psychological state], personal and cultural values, life stages, social standing and professional associations, media and marketing, and/or the environment). It is important to consider that many ‘financially literate’ individuals living on low incomes will never achieve financial well-being as the lack of knowledge is not the problem; the low wage is... Dr Levon Blue

ARC Discovery Grant

This project provides a foundation for increasing the economic independence of Indigenous entrepreneurs through investigating the impact of financial and commercial literacy levels on small business performance, to identify current constraints and future approaches to boosting economic development opportunities in urban, regional and remote areas of Australia.

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