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The world of organisations is rapidly changing and at Griffith Business School we recognise the need for management education to reflect that change.

After investing in education early on in your career journey, and now fully immersed in your chosen career, it’s easy to think there is little need for further study. The reality is, to remain on top, it is more important than ever to find effective ways to lead in what can often be a volatile environment.


Aimed at middle managers and executives aspiring to more senior roles in their organisation, this program covers four important areas of management development: self awareness; collaboration, and creative and transformational leadership. The program is available for individual enrolment and also as a customised program for organisational cohorts.


Partnership in a truly collaborative sense is a core value for GBS corporate education in its relationships with its clients. We work closely with our corporate partners developing programs that are of direct relevance to their organisations.

An example of our commitment to collaborative partnerships is our current relationship with the City of Gold Coast. We are assisting to develop their emerging leaders, equipping them with the knowledge to take on senior roles. We have worked closely with CoGC integrating their leadership competency framework into the content of the program we deliver.


We consult with a number of advisory groups who represent the people in organisations we are committed to helping. By presenting our ideas for better ways to manage and lead, we in turn gain a better understanding of how best to share this knowledge.

By engaging with industry professionals, we learn what pressing issues are challenging them and the skills they would like to develop to meet those challenges.


While you’re busy doing your thing, we're busy doing ours - developing creative ideas for practicing effective management and leadership in the contemporary environment.

We build on our experiences working with managers from many different sectors, as well as the academic world, discovering the many different ways people are tackling old and new problems.

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