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In the early 1990s, the Hawke federal government introduced compulsory superannuation as a policy to help workers accumulate long-term savings for their retirement. Today, Australia’s superannuation system currently holds A$2.35 trillion of long term retirement savings.  Superannuation is, on average, an individual’s second largest asset (after the family home). The scale and size of the Australian superannuation system provides the rationale for research and academic leadership in this area. The importance of this ever-growing national financial asset is the reason for the genesis and development of the Griffith Centre for Personal Finance and Superannuation.

The GCPFS is an initiative of Griffith Business School that dates back to 2004 when it was established and known as the Academic Centre for Financial Independence and Education. With the stellar growth in interest for Superannuation and Financial Advice, the GCPFS now seeks to support this ever changing and challenging environment. The new Centre was launched on 17 June 2014.


The Centre is a source of expertise on, and a centre of excellence in four distinct streams:

  • Personal Finance and Superannuation
  • Investment
  • Professionalisation of financial services
  • Financial education

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Our research excellence is driven by the comprehensive approach we give to all our projects. We integrate the expertise of our highly qualified team of academics and researchers, industry experience and the knowledge drawn from different disciplines including finance, financial planning, economics, accounting, business law and taxation.

The Centre’s final goal is to be able to share and transfer our knowledge with industry, government organisations and the general public.

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