Shaping the future of business

Our remarkable alumni are socially responsible modern business leaders helping us shape the future of business. Everyday they are contributing to a prosperous, equitable and sustainable future through their creative thinking, strategic decision-making and forward-thinking mindset.

We celebrate in their success and we are proud to share their stories.


Master of Business Administration

Suited to Success

Retha is the HR Director of Suited to Success which is an organisation that helps people overcome barriers to employment. The service provides styling to people when they are going for interviews and tips on how to present, and they also support them with resume tips and tricks. Retha is also volunteers her time as a board director.


Bachelor of Government and International Relations

2020 Outstanding Young Alumni Award winner

Social Good Outpost

Elise Stephenson spent most of 2019 travelling the world in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to deliver a public diplomacy program as part of the Government’s Australia now initiative. The project has seen Elise travel across South East Asia with her business Social Good Outpost, co-founded with her sister Lara, running the Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders Speaker Series, aimed at bringing the best and brightest youth changemakers and thought leaders from Australia to the region.


Master of International Business

Founder of Enklare

In the seven short years since Jacob graduated from Griffith University, he has already been acknowledged by his peers as the key driving force behind the transformation of the Scandinavian loan industry - a feat that most would consider impossible to achieve in one of the most traditional and complex finance markets.

Today, Enklare serves as the third largest and most successful loan marketplace platform, has employed over 500 youths, and has disrupted an industry mired in red tape, complexity, and information disparity.

Jacob won the International Outstanding Alumnus Award in 2019.


Master of Commerce

Founder of Society for Equality, Respect And Trust for All (SERATA)

SERATA works to dismantle long-held socially constructed gender roles and promote gender equality by engaging men and boys in partnership with women and girls.

Sabrina's life work is now centred around changing the perceptions and expectations of parental care in Malaysia. In addition to her organisational work, she has written several articles championing the role of fathers in families, linking this to increasing the representation of women in the workforce and beyond.

Sabrina won the GBS Young Outstanding Alumnus Award in 2019.


Bachelor of Business

Economist, Deloitte Access Economics

Emily landed herself the job of Economist at Deloitte Access Economics just one week after completing her honours thesis with GBS. She was the standout applicant able to express her passion for environmental economics fluently and the experience she gained through the internship program offered by GBS. Since starting with Deloitte Emily has worked on several high-profile projects including; Social and Icon Value of the Great Barrier Reef.

Emily attributes her love of environmental economics to GBS and lecturers encouraging her to chase her dreams.  Her studies and experience have taught her that economics can be used to create meaningful change in a number of different ways.


Bachelor or Business

Director, Dematic

Mr Chua took his market research company Pulse from a small start-up, into a leading publicly quoted company on London’s PLUS markets. He has since built himself an impressive international career, living and working across the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US. He is currently a Director of global technology and innovation company Dematic, a global leader providing a comprehensive range of intelligent intralogistics and Industry 4.0 Automation and Robotic solutions.

Bob has become an exemplary role model for business students in Australia and throughout the Asia–Pacific. Since March 2016 he has acted as a mentor for the Mayor of London’s International Business Program, advising London-based companies keen to invest in growth in Asia. He is also Chairman of the Virtuous Investment Circle, and has the prestigious honour of being a local advisory panel member for MSC Malaysia by invitation from the Malaysian Government.


Bachelor of Business

Founders of The Village Markets

Sarah and Marissa’s big business brainwave came to them during the GFC. After a strong start to her career with positions within the BreakFree, Mantra, Peppers and brands in the tourism sector, Sarah’s progression stalled with a redundancy. Wanting to make the most of her downtime, Sarah joined with Co-Founder Marissa to develop a business plan for The Village Markets between jobs.

Their creative idea blossomed and is now a Gold Coast institution, helping to foster the careers of other designers and artists. Sarah says a number of their early stallholders have launched at the markets and become a huge success.


Bachelor of Business

Co-owners Sabo Skirt

The incredibly stylish best friends turned sisters-in-law started out with a humble fashion blog, posting daily photos of their outfits. Now their Instagram has more than 1.6 million followers, they’ve had their brand Sabo Skirt featured on the runways of New York Fashion Week and they’ve been named in Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 list. Not to mention having outfitted celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid, to name a few.

In October 2017, the pair were named Cosmopolitan's Women of the Year in the category of Fashion Designer of the Year.


Bachelor of International Finance

Co-founder, 4 Ingredients

Kim was the recipient of our 2017 Outstanding Entrepreneurial Alumnus award, she say's she never imagined writing a book to make cooking easy would see her career soar. Her book 4 Ingredients has sold more than 9 million copies and she’s scored a seven-book deal in the USA—a very difficult feat.

Kim feels particularly strongly about giving back to the community once you reach your own goals. Through the success of her 4 Ingredients brand she’s also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Bachelor of Business

Vice President of Business Development, WatchMojo

After successfully starting and selling a digital media company in Sydney, Thomas set off overseas to further his career. At 30 years old Thomas is now one of the youngest executives at WatchMojo, one of the fastest growing digital media companies in the world with up to 16 million subscribers and about 50 million unique views monthly across their channels.


Graduate Certificate in Risk Management

CEO of Energy Skills Queensland

Penelope has achieved more in her early career than many achieve in a lifetime in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Starting out as a warfare officer in the Royal Australian Navy, Penelope worked her way up to Navy Chief of Staff, also holding position as a Police Investigator for the Australian Defence Force. Now, as a successful executive, she is CEO of Energy Skills Queensland, and Chairs both the Queensland Electrical Safety Committee and Women in Power, a not-for-profit promoting and empowering women.


Bachelor of Commerce

Vice President of Cook Incorporated, and Director of Cook Medical in Asia Pacific

Barry was announced as the 2017 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year and has more than two decades of international leadership and expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

As well as working tirelessly to ensure people in Asia have access to high-tech medical devices, he also created the Young Leaders program to inspire a new generation of Cook Medical Employees. He’s also been instrumental in spearheading a push for the Australian Government to implement the Australian Innovation and Manufacturing Incentive to retain talent and manufacturing on Australian shores.


Bachelor of International Business

Co-founder, Nimble

Greg is co-founder of money lending company Nimble. Ethical business has always been important to Greg and when he and his friend and co-founder Sean noticed a sizeable gap in the finance market, they started the company with the goal of lending to working people without getting them into a cycle of debt.

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