What is a virtual program?

Virtual programs are any mobility programs where you participate online and remotely, rather than travelling to an overseas destination. They can be internships, summer or winter schools, volunteering placements, or even trimester exchange.

This is a fantastic way to boost your employability in an affordable way, especially if you aren't able to travel due to study, personal or work commitments. Offering flexibility and a different range of choices from traditional mobility programs, most students can easily fit a virtual program in between Griffith trimesters or even during trimester, studies permitting.

Benefits of virtual programs

Griffith Global Mobility firmly believes that mobility is for everyone and should be an opportunity for all. Not everyone can travel, and virtual programs allow students to participate in mobility without having to leave Australia.

Some benefits of virtual programs are:

  • Enhance your resume and stand out from your peers by having a unique global experience under your belt
  • Expand your personal and professional skillset
  • Be exposed to other cultures and develop your cross-cultural skills from home
  • Learn to adapt to other teaching styles and course structures
  • Gain knowledge from global companies and organisations
  • Meet like-minded students from around the world
  • Increase your digital literacy and IT skills
  • There are no travel costs involved, so you can save money while still participating in a valuable experience

Ready to explore your options?

You can look into what online programs are available to you by having a look through our Short-term Program Database and filtering by Program Type: "Virtual Mobility Programs".

How to Apply - Virtual Trimester Exchange

Please refer to our Trimester Exchange page and follow the How to Apply instructions. You can explore which partners offer online exchange through the Griffith Exchange Partner Database. If you are unsure whether a university you are interested in can facilitate virtual exchange, please get in touch with Griffth Global Mobility and we can assist you with exploring this option.

Once you have chosen a host university, follow the instructions to apply for Trimester Exchange, and you will be able to opt for online exchange in the application.

How to Apply - Other Virtual Programs

Much like short-term programs, you can source a program on your own, whether it be through word-of-mouth or through promotion by Griffith University (through emails or in lectures).

If you don't have a program in mind already, a good place to start is the Short-term Program Database and sorting by Virtual Programs. You are not limited to the programs on this database, but it can help serve as inspiration.

Once you have applied for and secured a place on the program with its provider, please register your virtual program with Griffith Global Mobility at the link below by selecting "Start new application" next to Virtual Program Registration.

Evidence of credit approval

Griffith Study Tour

Community Internship

Summer or Winter School

Clinical or Field Placement

Work-integrated Learning (WIL) or Internship


Got a question?

Seek advice from a Global Mobility Advisor.