Griffith University is among a number of large Australian organisations that may have been impacted by a data security incident from the cloud-based recruitment service provider PageUp. We will continue to seek information from PageUp to determine if any data has been breached. The University has suspended its use of PageUp for any purpose.

Please note that Griffith University used this service for recruitment between 2010 and 2015. While we are not currently aware of any fraudulent activity relating to anyone’s data occurring as a result of the security breach, we recommend that any person who has applied online for a position with Griffith University during 2010 – 2015, review and maintain a close watch for unusual activity concerning their personal information.

It is also recommended that you change any passwords in the event you use the same one as used on the recruitment website.

Griffith University takes the security of personal information of all our employees, clients and applicants very seriously and will ensure to keep you informed as information comes to hand. While there is currently no evidence that any Griffith University data has been accessed, we are attempting to write to all previous job applicants to advise them of the situation. Data stored in the system relating to job applications includes names, contact details, dates of birth, usernames, passwords, resumes, selection criteria and cover letters.

PageUp is posting notifications about this including FAQ’s to the website:

The Office of the Information Commissioner has developed a guide for steps you can take, which may help to reduce the chance of experiencing harm. As well, for general information about how you can you protect your data privacy, please visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website at Individuals can also contact PageUp regarding this incident on:

If you have questions or concerns, please email: