Staff counselling

Griffith University's staff counselling program

Features include:

  • self-assessment tools
  • information on resilience
  • information on wellbeing.

Student counselling

Staff and students who are concerned about a student's wellbeing may refer the student to the Counselling service on their campus. An appointment will be offered if the student is agreeable (voluntary access).

This is a confidential service and no information will be disclosed to referring staff or Allies concerning any consultations held with students.

Refer a student

Griffith student

Pride in Diversity

PiD is a non-profit organisation which works closely with HR, diversity professionals and LGBTIQ Network Leaders to assist Australian employers with the inclusion of LGBTI+ employees.

The University's membership enables access to a range of networks and resources for our staff and students, including:

Inclusion in sport

A useful resource for any Griffith sporting associations, staff or students wishing to be involved in sport is the Anti-Homophobia and Inclusion Framework for Australian Sports.

A framework document to combat discrimination against same sex attracted people in sport.