Terms of Reference

These terms of reference have been established to promote equality and inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer ( LGBTIQ ) students and staff, and to value sexual and gender diversity within the Griffith University community.

  • Provide advice to the Griffith University Equity Committee and its subcommittees on matters related to sex, gender and sexuality (LGBTIQ+) diversity and inclusion;
  • Facilitate consultation with the Griffith community to ensure progress on sex, gender and sexuality (LGBTIQ+) diversity and inclusion;
  • Contribute to and advise Equity Committee on the development, implementation and evaluation of the Griffith Pride Action Plan by –
    • contributing to Griffith applications for the Australian Workplace Equality Index;
    • evaluating relevant data, policies, systems, procedures and resources as relevant to the Griffith Pride Action Plan;
    • identifying areas of concern or emerging issues related to the Griffith Pride Action Plan; and
    • prioritising and proposing strategies to align with the overall goals of the Griffith Pride Action Plan.
  • Provide leadership to the Griffith Ally Network by -
    • defining requirements and expectations as a Griffith Ally;
    • aligning the network objectives with the Griffith Pride Action Plan;
    • facilitating feedback and communication through the network; and
    • encouraging engagement with Griffith Pride events, programs and other initiatives.

Group membership

Membership is held for two years and comprises:

  • Chair
  • Ex officio –
    • HR Lead: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; and
    • Representative from Student Success.
  • Other members including –
    • At least one member of staff from each of the Academic Groups;
    • At least one member of staff from an Element outside of the Academic Groups; and
    • At least two student representatives who are members of the Griffith Ally Network.
RoleMember Email Address
Chair Maddison Harrington maddison.harrington@griffith.edu.au
Ex officio Marnie King marnie.king@griffith.edu.au
Ex officio Kwan Borden k.borden@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Cara Beal c.beal@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Angella Duvnjak a.duvnjak@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Lisa Kruck l.kruck@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Heather Faulkner h.faulkner@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Liam Ringelstein l.ringelstein@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Cheryl Godwell-Pepper c.godwell-pepper@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Chantelle Hollenbach c.hollenbach@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Kristy Apps k.apps@griffith.edu.au
Staff member Kiri Bishop kiri.bishop@griffith.edu.au
Student member Harrison Sheehy harrison.sheehy@griffithuni.edu.au
Student member Liam Baker liam.baker@griffithuni.edu.au
Secretary Ashley Vidulich a.vidulich@griffith.edu.au

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